The Figurementors Magazine: Fantasy Edition Issue 16



October is nearly finished already and lockdown/restrictions seem the new normal as we all face up to these strange and worrying times. We would like to start by saying thank you for your support during these troubled times. Welcome to The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 16. 


We have been working very hard to maintain and excel the standards we have set ourselves. This issue has a wealth of informative material. Any figure painter can improve their artistic skills by reading Figurementors magazines because you will learn from top fantasy and historical artists in every issue. Each issue is aimed to inspire and teach. With that in mind, there is every chance you can learn something new from our Historical Editions too.

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In The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 16 we interview award-winning, internationally recognised, Cyrille Martin. We have articles from Javier Molina, Luca Pirrera, Khian Morales and our cover story is by David Powell. Articles written by David are always gems and this one is no exception! 

In this Issue

Luca Pirrera builds and paints an emotive scene titled Hostage! Luca’s becoming a painter to watch with his storytelling ability.

Khian Morales demonstrates how to create real life likeness in painting facial features. Watch out for more in the future. 

Javier Molina showcases once more the ability to create a small scene using products from GreenStuff World. 

Cyrillic Martín we get a chance to interview him, a real treat. 

David Powell provides an exhaustive account on how he approached and painted this iconic, stout warrior in Brom’s Last Stand.