The Illustrated Fantasy Artist 2020 Digital Calendar

Original price was: £2.50.Current price is: £1.00.


Figurementors are proud to present our first ever calendar series, we have one for the Fantasist and one for the Historical Buff! This is a A3, (A4 split) premium quality product with 16 pages.

It was designed with three things in mind:

  1. A piece of Art in itself. You can choose 6 images to frame and hang in your studio for inspiration once the calendar is no longer of use. In addition, the calendar will act as a source of inspiration throughout the year.
  2. To promote and support the contributors and the manufacturers of the various figures. On the inside front cover we provide links to each Artists’ sites along with product info. Each month features on Artist along with inspirational quotes, bios and profile images.
  3. A valuable resource. Some of you may decide to print your calendar months out to pin to cork boards or hang on the wall so not only can you use your calendar to plan your workload, commissions and projects etc, we have also provided a comprehensive list of the various events and competitions, along with dates where possible. Each calendar comes as a downloadable pdf and costs just £2.50! Each features the works of some of the greatest names in our hobby.

Below you can see a full list for our Fantasy calendar.

Kara Nash, Dmitry Fesechko, Bogus ‘BOHUN’ Stupnicki, Danny Pollaert, Chris Suhre, Matteo Di Diomede, Arnau Lazaro, Patricia Sancho, Richard Gray, Kristin Simonsen, Lucas Zaba, Matt DiPietro.

We are really proud of our collaboration and believe we have a really beautiful and inspiring calendar for all you figure painters! Download yours now!