The Illustrated Fantasy Artist Issue 8



We (without any bias) have a bumper issue for you this month with beautiful content, informative articles and a revealing interview. Where to begin? Well for a start I am stoked to be sharing with you all an article with Best of Painter winner from Monte San Savino, Albert Font’s article on converting and painting stunning Dwarves. I had been privy to his entries for a few months and had to keep it all secret but now the cat is truly out of the bag. Then we have tutorials from Nicole Matano and Kristian Simonsen, step by steps by Shoshie Bauer and Sylvain Aubut.

Throw into the mix an insight with creative genius Anastasios Kandris, a thought-provoking piece by Andrew Wade and a stunning, revealing interview with none other than Roman Lappat from Massive Voodoo and I am particularly confident you’re going to enjoy this issue.  Plus, all our other features too, Merry Christmas folks!!