The Figurementors Magazine: Historical Edition

FIGUREMENTORS has always been about helping other painters in the community to improve. With the creation of The Figurementors Magazine – Historical Edition, we are now able to draw on the vast well of knowledge and experience from the figure painting community.


The team strives to give you a digital magazine that presents content from figure Artists from all around the world. Our content is both inspirational and aspirational. The articles plan to explain not only the WHAT but also the HOW and WHY behind their incredible results!

In The Figurementors Magazine: Historical Edition you can expect us to cover all eras of history. So, no matter your interest or expertise we have it covered. From Barbarian times depicting Celts, Saxons, and Vikings, through to Napoleonic subjects and all the way to WWI and WWII. We decided right from the off to keep fluff and adverts to a minimum. Our focus is on presenting in-depth articles, with quality writing and high-end design. We believe our magazines will help you as a figure painter to develop your skillset along your journey to becoming a more complete figure painter!

We are convinced you will not be disappointed! Viva La Historia!

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