The Figurementors Magazine: Fantasy Edition Issue 11



The months of April and May have seen some quite radical changes at  figurementors!  We continue streamlining the design and quality of the magazine, starting with The Figurementors Magazine – Historical Edition Issue 18 and now The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 11. 

We have a new name for the magazines which tie in more noticeably with the name of our site. There are also tweaks to our design and a new cover price, going forward!  


The new price starting with this issue is something we have been considering for a while now! We believe in the quality of our magazine whilst also recognising the need to stay competitive and affordable. The price change also coincides with the magazines going to a monthly release format.  

Going monthly starting with this issue is a massive undertaking by the team. However, over time we have realised there is a lot happening over a two-month period! In order to stay relevant and up to date, a monthly magazine makes more sense. We really hope this is something our existing customers will appreciate. Perhaps it will also lead to attracting newer customers also. Without a loyal fanbase figurementors magazine could not continue to improve.  


In The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 11 we interview award winning  Josua Lai; a figure painter who is liked, admired and respected in equal measure. We bring you two reviews, as we take a closer look at a release from Kimera Models and the latest volume in The Encyclopedia of Miniatures from Mig AMMO in collaboration with Rodrigo Chacon. Then there is our Putty & Paint gallery and we have not even come to our four sensational tutorials!  

Javier Molina  provides the figurementors magazine with his process of creating a sci-fi vignette, using parts of several kits along with a 1/24 workshop kit. This time he uses products from the GreenStuff World range to create a well-used, futuristic workshop.  


David Soper  is our cover story this issue and we have been blown away by the quality of his informative writing. Here he explains how he has evolved his use of basing materials to fully realise his projects. Using examples and techniques throughout, including his wonderful Troggoth and so many other instantly recognisable projects such as Gutrot Spume! 

Patric Putte Sand delivers a Masterclass for VoodooWorx as he paints their official boxart of the Varaak Mage bust based on the commissioned concept by the late Wayne England. 

Kristian Simonsen presents another Hobby Basics article as he explains how some subtle tricks were used to bring his Elan project to life.  

So, there you have it, we hope you will enjoy The Figurementors Magazine Fantasy Edition Issue 11, in fact, we are sure you will!  

Stay Safe, Stay In and Paint!