The Figurementors Magazine: Fantasy Edition Issue 15



It is now September, lockdown seems the new normal even though restrictions are lifting slowly. We would like to start by saying thank you for your support during these troubled times. Welcome to The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 15. 


We have been working very hard to maintain and excel the standards we have set ourselves. This issue proved problematic in some areas but once we got it over the line, it turned out great. Any figure painter can improve their artistic skills by reading Figurementors magazines because you will learn from top fantasy and historical artists in every issue. Each issue is aimed to inspire and teach. With that in mind, there is every chance you can learn something new from our Historical Editions too.

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In The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 15 we interview award-winning, internationally recognised,   Golden Demon and Slayer Sword winning Angelo di Chello. We have articles from Javier Molina, Alexandre Vallet, Roberto del Cima and our cover story is by Alessandro Natale. We think this is one of our most striking covers ever!

In this Issue

Roberto Del Cima – pays homage to Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner with his version of Life Miniature’s, Bad Blood 2 figure. 

Alessandro Natale – provides our cover story on his amazing version of Herja, a nod towards Space Odyssey 2001. 

Javier Molina – returns to our pages once more, illustrating what is possible with the Green Stuff World range of products on a giant Mecha from Kallamity. 

Angelo di Chello – is next up in our interview series. This multi Slayer Sword winning, Golden Demon enthusiast, spill it all regarding our hobby. 

Alexandre Vallet – tackles the Arbinger from Galapagos Miniatures, from setting the atmosphere to using colour contrast. 

Stay Safe, Stay In and Paint!