(The Figurementors Magazine Edition 3) The Illustrated Fantasy Artist Issue 3



Hello everyone, so Issue 3 of The Illustrated Fantasy Artist! (Now renamed The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition 3) is here! We have taken the feedback and in our opinion created an even better issue. We have also introduced a degree of interaction by creating hyperlinks in the Table of Content. This means you can go straight to your favourite article/s. This magazine has it all covered, composition, painting realistic skin tones, achieving strong visual atmospheres etc. Therefore, there really is something for everyone!

We are really proud of this issue and are so thankful to everyone that has made it happen. Figurementors firmly believe that this magazine can go on to become an invaluable resource for figure painters of all levels. here we are at Issue 3, we are only now getting warmed up! In our honest opinion, we have some awesome content lined up. We have put together a team that hopes to really push the boundaries at what’s possible with ezines!


In the past month or so we made every issue of both magazines the same cover price as our new, updated magazine. All full issues are now priced at £4.99! Any figure painter can improve their artistic skills by reading Figurementors magazines. You will learn from top fantasy and historical artists in every issue. Each issue is aimed to inspire and teach. With that in mind, there is every chance you can learn something new from our Historical Editions too.

We also have a Facebook Page and Group for Figurementors. We are always trying to find ways to engage with our audience and provide inspiration and support. So we would truly like to hear from you all about our products and activities. You can, therefore, leave feedback and suggestions at the Contact Us section on the site, through Facebook etc. If you have the time it would also be super helpful for you to leave a recommendation on our Facebook page. 


In The Figurementors Magazine Fantasy Edition 3, we introduce one of our team members. Kristian Simonsen is known for his dramatic lighting and atmosphere (remember his cover for Issue 1?). Then we have content from this issues cover story, Oliver Spaeth. Add to that the wonderful works of David Colwell and Magnus Fagerberg and you soon begin to realise how special this issue is! Not to forget work by Trent Denison, Matteo Di Diomede, Javier Molina and Lucas Stine, throw in a beautiful Putty & Paint gallery, a review and a garage kit paint up of Pumpkinhead by Davide Decina and you have the perfect resource. From community support to award-winning design to insightful articles to help you become a better painter! We truly do have something for everyone! Let’s go!

Figurementors Magazine – In This Issue

David Colwell – produces a stunning version of Karol Rudyks’ Lady Sibilla, designed and sculpted by Alexandre Chaudet and Pablo Vicentin. 

Davide Decina – brings to life Pumpkinhead from Artist Proof Studio, in all its monstrous glory! 

Trent Denison – provides an insightful and helpful technique to paint more vibrant colours. 

Oliver Spaeth – in conjunction with his Patreon talks us through the complete build and paint of one of his stunning base builds. 

Magnus Fagerberg – treats us with a beautiful rendition of Song in the Forest bust from Spira Mirabilis. 

Kristian Simonsen – we get low and dirty with Kristian in this latest interview, discussing every current within the present community. 

Matteo Di Diomede – returns with the final part of his Warboy project, using oils to accentuate the acrylic work previously done. 

Javier Molina –  shows us using a picture gallery on how to make perfect cobwebs for his latest vignette! 

Lucas Stine – lifts the lid on figure conversions, an open and informative account of his processes.