The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 45



Hello! Have you been sleeping on our publication, not bought a copy? What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to become a better figure painter. Let us welcome you to the latest issue of the Fantasy Edition. We present The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 45! Learn how to paint figures with stunning tutorials from the experts! So what can you expect for your buck this month?

  • Almost 100 pages!
  • Tutorials!
  • Insights, Tips and Tricks
  • Book Review
  • New Paints Review
  • Award winning design and top level content!
  • Plus an interview with the legendary Paolo Parente and a figure gallery! You can also check out our Figurementors Painting Group on FACEBOOK! 

This issues sees tsomething a little unusual grace our esteemed cover, Mr Parente! It has been a while since our last Fantasy Edition!  Kristian Simonsen and Michael Hilleary return whilst Kim Washburn makes her debut. Throw in an article from yours truly plus a show report from the recent MFCA in the States! THE FIGUREMENTORS MAGAZINE – FANTASY EDITION ISSUE 45 – THE BEST CONTENT FROM THE HOBBY!

You probably will not need telling but creating a figure painting magazine is a lot of work. We could not do it without you, our loyal fanbase. We could not do it without the contributions from hobbyists from around the world. The team is so grateful and happy to be able to do this. We are dedicated to producing an invaluable resource for figure painters. Now and for the future.


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Thanks for your continued support, The Figurementors Team!

The Figurementors Magazine - Fantasy Edition Issue 45