The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 7

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Well didn’t that come around quick?! This issue sees the first ever ALTERNATE COVER (Note these are not two different issues, just the cover that is different)! On the one hand we wanted to attempt to draw new blood to the historical genre by showcasing fantasy/historical crossover and yet on the other we did not want to lose or dissuade our staunch historical fans. We hope you like what we have done!

The team are really happy to announce two new partnerships with the figure gallery site Putty & Paint and the super talented team at BigChild Creatives! This issue sees us learn how techniques from the so called fantasy painters are just as relevant if not vital for our beloved genre as Ruben Martinez showcases Iron Heart. We also have work from Harold Stivala, Zeno Mladin, Gian Luca Cocchi, Patryk Ciemiega, Gustavo Gil Campos and Antonio Zapatero, Tony Polizzi, Giuseppe de Carolis and Rafa Nalin.

We cover a host of different periods from the Great Wars, to the Crimean, Greek and American Civil War, there truly is something for everyone.

We are also very happy to interview Rodrigo Chacon whose return to the hobby after 16 years has been heralded around the globe.

If you want to learn how to paint textures, uniforms, skin tones, leather, tartan and so much more then this is the issue for you!

Viva la Historia