The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 1



Download the Illustrated Historical Artist’s premiere issue free of charge for a limited time. Inside this first issue find in-depth historical miniature figure painting articles by Sergey Popovichenko, Matt Wellhouser, David Powell, and more. In addition, we present an insightful conversation with one of the true legends of our historical miniature figure painting world, Marion Ball. Further, a fellow hobbyist, Paul Homer, provides a knowledgable tribute to Raul Garcia Latorre.

Grow your painter’s knowledge and skills as our collaborating Artists provide the “Why’s and How’s” context that influenced the “What” of their techniques. This means that rather than just being told What to do, you will develop your own skill set through understanding and learning how to replicate techniques and just as importantly why you do X over Y.

We approached the magazine design in such a way that its content should be useful to painters of all standards. Not only that, but we hope that the quality of its design and layout makes this a must have collectible magazine for anyone with an historical interest, so that over time it will become an invaluable resource worth revisiting in the future.

Further your artistic journey with this first issue of the Illustrated Historical Artist, free for a limited time.