The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 5



So here we all are at Issue 5 already and I have to say it has been very rewarding so far! It has been a lot of hard work but none of it possible without the desire to explain and share knowledge by our contributors.

In this Issue we present the work of some of the very biggest names in our Hobby/Artform, articles written by David Gil, Arnau Lazaro, Luca Gubitosi and through to those considered Grand Masters such as Maurizio Bruno, Danilo Cartacci and of course the legendary Mike Blank who was humble enough to agree to an interview.

We also have a show report on Scale Model Challenge, the Readers Gallery and Claudio Antonucci continues his work on the German fighting man and shorter pieces by Marilyn Lebrun, Mate Novak and Marco Bosio, there truly is something for everyone!

In addition to being grateful to our contributors, you, our readers are very special to us. It is incredibly difficult to produce a high quality magazine and to keep it going for a long time, we hope with your support that we can become THE most important reference for the historical figure painter or indeed any painter. We would like to thank everyone so far, we have lots planned for the future and each and every one of you will be vital to our continued growth and success!

Viva la Historia!