The Figurementors Magazine Historical Edition: Vikings Special



The Figurementors Magazine Historical Edition: Vikings Special

This month has been one for firsts! Following on from the Hellboy Special by Alfonso Giraldes, we now present our first special issue for the historical genre – The Figurementors Magazine – Vikings Edition. We have put together an issue that features never before seen articles along with some others that have been re-edited and presented in our updated design. This compilation aims to give you a resource that will prove invaluable in assisting you with your own projects.

The issue features three completely new articles, an expansive gallery and a section on Viking history. If you love Viking figures or indeed historical figures from the medieval or barbarian ages then this is the perfect issue for you! Inside The Figurementors Magazine – Vikings Edition you will find work from some of the best in the business. Each of the seven Artists showcases their own particular traits and techniques, so there will surely be something to learn regardless of your current skill level.


The Figurementors Magazine Historical Edition: Vikings Special contains the following tutorials:

Gonzalo Davila Ruiz paints up the iconic Winter is Coming from Andrea Miniatures but with a twist. 

Zeno Mladin shows us his process for creating an enigmatic Viking vignette. 

Magnus Fagerberg produces our main cover story with his beautiful monochromatic Viking Warrior bust from Young Miniatures. 

Jay Martin presents a Viking Raider as a peaceful settler using a subtle colour palette. 

Matt Wellhouser recounts his techniques for painting the fierce Viking Fury.

Bruno Bran describes how he created a Viking blacksmith out of a fantasy bust, from sculpting to freehand shield design! 

Alexandre Gille produces a stunning first time ever Viking Raider from FeR Miniatures. 

Also in The Figurementors Magazine Historical Edition: Vikings Special, we have a beautiful gallery of some of the best painted Vikings. Sourced from some of the biggest names in our hobby on Putty & Paint.

As you can see whether you’re looking for tips on building a scenic base, wanting to learn how to replicate textures, painting skin tones or armour, it is all here. We plan on creating more of these special issues over time and would be interested in hearing your views!

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We hope you enjoy The Figurementors Magazine Historical Edition: Vikings Special!