(The Figurementors Magazine)The Illustrated Fantasy Artist Issue 1



So here we have the very first in our second magazine title, The Illustrated Fantasy Artist! (Now renamed The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition). In this premiere issue, we cover a variety of topics. This magazine has it all covered, composition, painting realistic skin tones, achieve strong visual atmospheres etc. Therefore, there really is something for everyone!

We are really proud of this first issue and are so thankful to everyone that has made it happen. Figurementors firmly believe that this magazine can go on to become an invaluable resource for figure painters of all levels.


In the past month or so we made every issue of both magazines the same cover price as our new, updated magazine. All full issues are now priced at £4.99! Any figure painter can improve their artistic skills by reading Figurementors magazines. You will learn from top fantasy and historical artists in every issue. Each issue is aimed to inspire and teach. With that in mind, there is every chance you can learn something new from our Historical Editions too.

We also have a Facebook Page and Group for Figurementors. We are always trying to find ways to engage with our audience and provide inspiration and support. So we would truly like to hear from you all about our products and activities. You can, therefore, leave feedback and suggestions at the Contact Us section on the site, through Facebook etc. If you have the time it would also be super helpful for you to leave a recommendation on our Facebook page. 


In The Figurementors Magazine – Issue 1 we have content from Fausto Palumbo, Javier Molina, Kristian Simonsen, Arnau Lazaro, Chris Suhre, Dmitry Fesechko, Lukas Zaba. If that wasn’t enough we also interview the legendary Camelson!

In This Issue

Fausto Palumbo – What Lies Beneath.
Fausto Palumbo, explains the process and effort involved in bringing a new product to market.

Javier Molina – Asimov Deceived Us
This first issue sees us begin a collaborative series of articles from Green Stuff World, presented by Javier Molina.

Kristian Simonsen – Stone Cold Killer
Kristian goes wild with extreme lighting and ambience with his Gorgon’s Cave from Aradia Miniatures.

Putty&Paint Gallery
This issue sees us begin a new partnership with the online gallery Putty&Paint. Just like ourselves, are keen to support and inspire the figure painting community.

Jaroslaw “Camelson” Drabek – Conversation
What can we say? We interview the multi Golden Demon winning Jaroslaw “Camelson” Drabek with a large gallery of some of his most iconic pieces!

Arnau Lazaro – The Beauty of Technology
Arnau explains his creative process to approaching a new project, in this article focusing on Moirai from Life Miniatures.

This month Jay Martin reviews The ToadFather by Ariada Miniatures.

Chris Suhre – Composition in Miniature Art
Chris is one of our favourites, up and coming names in the figure painting community. He has established himself as someone who has a keen eye for composition. Who better than to ask for some pointers?!

Dmitry Fesechko – Classical Atelier
Achieving realistic skin tones is always difficult. So, we get one of the very best to talk to us. He shows how studying contemporary Masters can prove very useful.

Lucas Zaba – Cleft from Stone
Lucas announces his latest release in our first issue. He describes some of the various techniques involved to create and paint Brommhir the Bruiser.