The Figurementors Magazine: Fantasy Edition Issue 13



So, we made it to July, lockdown seems the new normal even though restrictions are lifting slowly. We would like to start by saying thank you for your support during these troubled times. Welcome to The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 13. 


We have been working very hard to maintain and excel the standards we have set ourselves. Thus we are particularly happy with this issue. Any figure painter can improve their artistic skills by reading Figurementors magazines because you will learn from top fantasy and historical artists in every issue. Each issue is aimed to inspire and teach. With that in mind, there is every chance you can learn something new from our Historical Editions too.

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In The Figurementors Magazine – Fantasy Edition Issue 13 we interview award-winning, internationally recognised, Fantasy Artist rock star,  Paul Bonner. However, Paul needs very little introduction in our community, being the creative force behind many of the industries greatest creators. His talent has taken him to Rackham, Riot Minds and Games Workshop. We bring you two reviews, as we take a closer look at The Minotaur from JourneyMan Miniatures, a collaborative release of a Bonner classic  and an insight into the Gallery ArtBook by Fabrizio Russo! Then there is  our Putty & Paint gallery and we have not even come to our four sensational tutorials!  

Sylvain Aubut  provides the Figurementors Magazine with his thoughts and techniques on creating contrast and interest in a monstrous bust. 


Fabrizio Russo  is our cover story this issue, here he explains his complete process for painting the boxart of The Minotaur, the latest release from JourneyMan Miniatures. 

Kristian Simonsen completes his hobby basic series, with final details on his Elan figure followed by an informative write up on how to create a snow base. And finally –

Paul Bonner has kindly succumbed to my pestering and has given us an interview, providing us with a unique glimpse into his career and passion.

So, there you have it, we hope you will enjoy The Figurementors Magazine Fantasy Edition Issue 13, in fact, we are sure you will!  

In this Issue

Paul Stockley – Born in Doncaster in good old Blighty and now hailing from Ontario. Paul is a figure painter looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in small scale. Here he presents a valuable resource in using digital technology to help painters improve their skillset. 

Fabrizio Russo – the one and only, legendary Rusto Art and Craft Store. This particular issue has a slight Bonner theme and here Fabrizio paints the boxart of The Minotaur. Learn about light placement, texture and volumes along with a host of useful tips.

Sylvain Aubut – A Canadian figure painter whose passion for sharing is matched by his profligacy. This time he paints a monstrous Minotaur bust depicting a cruel and eerie finish, through the use of colour harmony and contrast. 

Paul Bonner – What do I need to say?! We are stoked to interview the one and only Paul Bonner and showcase some of his amazing works!

Kristian Simonsen – a regular in our magazine and a fellow member of the figurementors team. Here he finishes off his hobby basics series and talks us through creating snow and ice effects. 

Stay Safe, Stay In and Paint!