Creating Corrosive Textures


Creating Corrosive Textures on our miniatures does not need to be super difficult. A relatively quick and easy technique can produce additional visual interest to your miniatures.

This is a step by step practical approach. Not so much about the painting aspect of corroded armour but how I get the texture of the corrosion. I am beginning with just a Green base coat on this particular example. I  go no further with highlights or shadows, just focusing on the corrosion.

The first step in creating corrosive textures is to map out the shape of the corrosion. I use a sponge technique like people use for chipping. To reach these small areas I’ve created a couple of homemade tools to reach tight spots where I would like to place the corrosive pattern. An old fashioned way is to use reverse action tweezers and a very small piece of sponge held with the tweezers.

I’ve also created homemade tools that Roman Lappat is known for using and demonstrating in his classes.  He also talks about these on his Massive Voodoo website. These types of tools are super handy for creating corrosive textures.

Then I simply stipple in the shape of the corrosion. After I have stippled on the initial layer I go in with black paint and connect the dots, making larger mountainous shapes from the initial layer.

Creating Corrosive Textures


Now I lay in the texture, creating a 3D flaky, crusty image. I use three components that mixed together give that realistic corroded look. To make a thick grout-like substance I mix together equal parts of Typhus Corrosion,  black paint, and to thicken it up, AK Interactive Corrosion Texture.

This mixture I then lay on very thick inside the mountainous shapes that I created by connecting the dots. After the initial coat dries I build it up in random thicknesses for a realistic look. Now the rust can be painted or washed in. For more Nurgle goodness check out Yohan Leduc’s awesome article in Issue 17 of The Fantasy Edition!

This technique is very versatile and can be used on anything that requires a corroded look! I have included some reference pictures below. There is a ton of stuff like this on the internet!

Hope this may help you and thanks for reading!