The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 15

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We have created something pretty special this issue, every release we try our very best to deliver top quality content with a stunning design, it is a lot of work but we want to create something that will stand the test of time!

This month is also a bit of a curiosity as I also contribute an article, a last-minute cancellation meant I had to step to the plate, I hope you find my piece on Latorre’s Northumbrian Warrior an interesting read!

We interview Stephen Mallia and have beautiful articles by top painters such as our cover story by Roberto del Cima, Steve Jourdain and Kristian Simonsen. Paul Stockley joins us this month with a very interesting introduction to using digital programs to help us plan and create our projects.

Claudio Antonucci starts a new series on the Forgotten Battles of History with beautiful colour plates and we have all our usual features too! Something for everyone, we hope you enjoy the issue and thanks once again for all of your support! It means a lot!