The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 10

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Another month, another issue, sees us into the New Year full of optimism and determination to continue our personal journeys as figure painters! This issue we continue to improve our product both in its design and the content. I don’t lie when I say it’s a lot of hard work, I can’t think of another publication that continually provides the quantity or quality of articles. It’s what we set out to do right at the beginning to provide a resource and reference for all figure painters.

This issue we cover World War II, The Crusades, Ancient History and the American Civil War. Each project and writer aimed to provide the most informative articles possible covering skin tones, textures, colour theory, composition, historical reference etc

We have works from Alfonso Giraldes to Alaerte Machado through to Danilo Cartacci, we are rightly proud of the issue and we hope it will become another unmissable volume in TIHA!

Many thanks for your continued support, viva la historia, 2019 here we come!