The Illustrated Fantasy Artist Issue 9

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Wow, we truly have an amazing issue for you this time around! Where to start? The cover story is a really nice one from Anna Shestakova, we have been a big fan of hers for a long time and are stoked to feature her for the first time. Frankly this project could have been released either here or in our sister magazine, The Illustrated Historical Artist. In fact it may feature there too at some point.

Then we have a raft of other awesome articles including the works of Martin Schneider, Roberto del Cima, Kristian Simonsen, Javier Molina, Philipsen Johan and not forgetting our interviewee, the awesome Conrad Mynet.

Once again, we feature everything from painting busts, to figures, to creating vignettes and even painting those disgusting Nurgle Marines!! What are you waiting for! A ton of content, no nonsense! Get yours now!!