New Releases in Figure Painting Issue 8

New Releases-the Prelude

Welcome back to New Releases in Figure Painting! Here we take a look at which new releases and preorders that have caught our attention recently here at Figurementors. Today we have a look at some pretty stunning busts from Black Sun Miniatures, a couple of goodies from Brokentoad and a new line of paint!

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From now on, New Releases in Figure Painting will be a monthly feature.

First up we have the three busts from Black Sun Miniatures.

They are remakes of their iconic 75mm releases Black Sun Barbarian, The Old Barbarian and Savage Beauty but now as large scale busts! I for one was stoked to see these releases coming up. The originals in 75mm scale are fantastic figures so I can’t wait to tackle one of them as a large bust!

Here is Solrak the Savage.

Sculpted by the inimitable Joaquin Palacios. Roberto Cirillo did the concept. This is a 1/12 scale bust cast in resin. It is a 5-part kit of aproximately 90mm height. From the picture it looks like a very nice and crisp, highly detailed cast as we have come to know and love from Black Sun.

New Releases

Solrak the Savage


The next one from Black Sun Miniatures is Bress the Old Barbarian.

Also sculpted by Joaquin Palacios, this time after a concept by Luc “Thantor” Pinganaud. This 1/12 scale bust is an 8-part resin kit and stands at aproximately 110mm height. The usual high quality, judging by the picture. A spitting image of the well known 75mm Old Barbarian but larger!

new releases

Bress the Old Barbarian


Now we come to Savage Beauty.

Joaquin Palacios is the sculptor again with a concept by Roberto Cirillo. Yet again she comes very close to the original 75mm figure. Savage Beauty is a 1/12 scale 3 quarters bust that stands at aproximately 150mm height. She is a 12-part resin kit. Very strong and good looking from the pictures. Savage Beauty was always my favorite Black Sun 75mm figure and is certainly my favorite of these as well. There is just something about her and I must confess that I preordered the Savage Beauty bust as soon as she became available! I can’t wait to make my own rendition of this figure!

New Releases

Savage Beauty

There are upcoming box art from Marc Masclans for all three busts. They are available for preorder here, Bress and Solrak are at 38,25£ preorder price and will have a regular retail price of 45£. Savage Beauty is bigger, therefore she comes at a preorder price of 46,75£ and will retail at 55£. Preorders will ship from mid July on a first come, first serve basis.


Next up is a couple of new releases by Broken Toad.

A very strange looking alien bust and a historical; The Spartan. The Spartan is a greek warrior, who is mounted on a rearing horse. As a result he looks very dramatic! He has raised his spear and is just about to attack! Therefore he looks very dynamic. Skulls and heads hang as trophies from his horse so he looks quite fierce. Sculpt looks very crisp and clean. This is a 29-piece resin kit in 1/24th scale that stands at aproximately 115m height. The Spartan is sculpted by Alastair Reid. He is available for preorder here at 70£ price. Shipping will start in July.

new releases

The Spartan by Broken Toad

We also have a new bust by Chris Clayton from Broken Toad. This is an alien that jams a bit on the concept we know from Hush and the series of later versions of the same kind. Therefore there is a lot of similarity here, which in my opinion is brilliant! Especially considering the fact that this is an alien! It is called 0.1 and is a 1/10 scale bust that stands at aproximately 75mm height. The bust comes in 6 pieces of polyurethane resin. Looking at the picture it seems super crisp and smooth, as we have come to expect from Chris Clayton! 0.1 is a very strange looking wide eyed humanoid alien warrior, that wears a space suit, carries a shield and a gun. This bust can be preordered here at 45£, shipping will start in July.

new releases

0.1 by Chris Clayton



Lastly we have the new Contrast paint range by GW.

There has been a lot of hype about the new Contrast paint range after they were revealed and tested at Warhammer Fest back in may. Warhammer Community posted a lot of articles leading up to the release of this new paint product. They even invited several top painters to test the paint range and give their opinions! Basically it looks like a paint system, that works a bit like the shades actually. It is dependent on a certain build up of paint for opacity and intensity. Therefore the range comes with a specific thinning medium, which is necessary to make the paints work propperly. They are water based but water will not work for thinning the paint because of the way the paint works.

Contast Paints look like a very good and innovative product. They got a lot of positive feed back from people who tried Contrast at Warhammer Fest as well as the painters who have tested them.

I for one am very curious and can’t wait to try these new paints! The names of the contrast paints are the ones that we already know from the Citadel paint range therefore the Contrast Paints will fit in nicely with people’s existing paint collections. Contrast are available for preorder at the Games Workshop Website for 4,75£ pr pot. They will ship from june 15th which I suspect will be the time they go on regular retail in the stores.

New Releases

Contrast paints

That’s it for now, thanks for reading, I hope these new releases can serve as a bit of inspiration!

Until next time