New Releases in Figure Painting Issue 7

New Releases-the Prelude

Welcome back to New Releases in Figure Painting, where we take a look at which new releases have caught our eye here at Figurementors lately. Earlier new releases in Figure painting articles are available here:

We have busts from Mr Lee’s Minis and from Mirico.

First up we have Habaab’ouch, looter of the East. This is a 90mm orc from Figone. He is a big beast of an orc for sure. Impeccably sculpted by Allan Carasco and with a superb box art paint job by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul, he did a paint off of this model with Sergio Calvo Rubio in late 2018.

This looks to be one single piece of resin. Nice looking and sharp detail from the pictures.

Habaab’ouch is available here:

New Releases

Habaab’ouch, looter of the East 

Second up we have Siggi – Project Valkyrie from Mr Lee’s Minis. She is a huge femake sci’fi warrior bust! Digitally sculpted by Drew Pallies. She is looking fierce in a very big powered armor. Ready for deployment. Siggi – Project Valkyrie is available for preorder here:

New Releases
Siggi – Project Valkyrie

Nobody wants to mess with her! I expect to see some nicely weathered versions of this gal later this year.

New Releases
Here we can see how big Siggi is.

Next up is 54mm Celtic Raider 3rd Century bC from Romeo Models. This is a mounted celtic warrior, 54mm scale. Cast in metal. Very nicely old school. He captures the mood of early pre-medieval Brittain. Perfect for Arthurian legends and such.

The Celtic Raider is available here:

New Releases
Celtic Raider 3rd Century bC

Lastly we have a new bust from Mirico: Alyra, Vampire Queen. This is an impressive looking 1/10 scale digitally sculpted resin bust, depicting a fierce looking vampire queen, robes flowing in the wind! This is a 6 part model, sculpted by Charles Agius. A very interesting looking strong vampyre lady. Alyra, Vampire Queen is available here:

New Releases
Alyra, Vampire Queen by Mirico

New Releases

That’s it from New Releases in Figure Painting for today. Until next time!

Stay in contact with your muses, keep your brushes wet and keep on happy painting!

Kristian Simonsen