Ulfenwatch – using special effects!

Ulfenwatch – using special effects! – INTRODUCTION

I recently caught a glimpse of Roman Lappats Ulfenwatch  miniatures and I was blown away by the brilliant modelling effects he had showcased on his group of armoured revenants. My eyes kept coming across small bits of vegetation that looked like it was alive, on and about the skeletons. So, I decided to write a tutorial about How to model Mould, Moss, and Vegetation with your figures.

I always keep my own step by step in the back of my mind and this reminded me that this would be the perfect time to try it out! Seeing as I am currently working on a ten man unit of Ulfenwatch using similar technique, I thought I would record my process. The following tutorial features my own take on the mossy, dirty, and weathered look.  Below, you can see the materials required to create the look I was aiming for:

1. Static Grass(12mm)

2. AK Interactive Moss Texture

3. Loctite Gel Super Glue

4. Small and Large Tweezers.

Now to begin the steps of adding moss to the blade that I am using as an example:

  • First, I started by applying a dab of super glue on the spots where I would like to place the moss. Gel super glue really is the best as it is thick and stays exactly where placed.
  • Then I used a little ball of the AK Interactive moss and applied it with tweezers to the glue, pressing carefully and adding at random spots. The glue will harden the moss and enable us to paint it later.



  • Now I took the static grass and painstakingly applied with tweezers (after dipping in super glue) each strand into the already applied moss. You can apply these in different directions and lengths to add interest and contrast. Once those are dry then I took Anathonian Camoshade (GW) and applied directly from the bottle with a brush onto the mounds of moss and grass. This process adds texture and a realistic look. After that all dried, I then dry brushed two coats of light green paint (Elysian Green & Ogyrn Camo GW). I then used Daler Rowney light green ink, applying just to the strands of static grass to add more contrast.
  • The final result! I am very happy with how this turned out and I hope this concise tutorial may inspire you to try some new things too! Oh and I wrote an article for The Figurementors Magazine if you wish to see more from me!