TOP SECRET – A simple technique for gap filling.

This short tutorial titled TOP SECRET – A simple technique for gap filling will show you a quick and simple technique for seam filling. When it comes to filling gaps and those pesky seam/join lines that hobbyists often find themselves having to deal with, I am sure we all would like a simple solution! Look no further!

I had the pleasure of attending a class by the renowned artist, Meg Maples. The class covered a wide variety of topics from two brush blending to how to paint eyes. It was amazing to learn her insights if you get a chance to take her class, do it! What I want to talk about is a very clever and effective way she taught us how to fill a seam or join line.  I will have images to accompany the steps as I go.

TOP SECRET – A simple technique for gap filling – STEP 1

The first image shows the models I’ve chosen to illustrate these examples. The Beast Men from the Black Stone Fortress box set are perfect examples.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th images show the “snap-fit” and the seam that simply must be dealt with. After all, nobody wants to put time and effort into a display or competition piece and have obvious join lines showing!

TOP SECRET – A simple technique for gap filling – STEP 2

Image 5 shows what I particularly like and that’s using ARDCOAT  from Games Workshop’s technical paint line. Image 6 illustrates the use of other varnishes such as Micro Gloss by Micro Scale Industries. However, I love the first choice the best and is what Meg originally recommended.

TOP SECRET – A simple technique for gap filling – STEP 3

Now on to the next steps: Image 7 shows I’ve put a dollop of ARDCOAT in one of the wells of my porcelain dry well palette. Image 8 shows a hairdryer turned on low. I hold it close over the ARDCOAT dollop (pictured in Image 8), holding it for about 5-7 seconds. The fluidity has changed in favour of a much more viscous, jelly-like texture. It now has the properties of and can be applied just like spackle.

You can see below how I take this thick substance and put a blob of it on the tip of my brush. I then place it into the cracks and use the brush to move it into the seams or holes anywhere on the miniature. It’s that easy! Instant miniature spackle!