Staining Cloth Miniature Painting Tutorial

Hello, I would like to present you with the Staining Cloth Miniature Painting Tutorial.

Staining Cloth Miniature Painting Tutorial – Introduction.

For this tutorial I am going to go over staining using a model that has been primed with Zanduri Dust by Citadel. You could just as easily use any type of light brown primer. For the base coat, I used Liche Purple also by Citadel. In fact all paints are Citadel unless stated otherwise. Then I added a little bit of Abbadon Black to equal parts of Liche Purple. I used this mix to shade the recesses to give the model some depth.

Then I began to add the highlights to the raised areas of the model to create light. I added equal amounts of Skull White and Liche Purple to give shape to the model.


After all the shading and highlighting has been done, the next step of the Staining Cloth Miniature Painting Tutorial, is to create the effect of a dirty and stained bottom of the tabard.

Staining Cloth Miniature Painting Tutorial – Develop Further.

The first step in shading is to take Mournfang Brown or any other orange/brown paint and a stippling brush (I use 1/8” by Majestic), then I begin to dab the brush into the paint then wipe most of it off. I began at mid tabard (on this particular example) and started a stippling motion, applying the paint with light pressure. The effect gets increasingly heavier towards the bottom (see photo). What this does is deposit more of the paint pattern to the lower parts of our area, giving it an appearance of varying consistencies of dirt.


Then I use Scrag Brown or any other lighter orange/brown and with a 00 Detail Brush, I stipple along the edge of the lowest part of the tabard. Next I use my final pure edge highlight of a yellow/brown (I use Olive Skin by Reaper) and edge highlight the actual edge of the tabard.


If you would like to take this further and add blood, dirt, etc.. Now is the time!

In the example below Jay Martin has applied a similar effect to one of his display pieces. You can check out my other quick and easy tutorials HERE. You can also check out my Putty and Paint account, for lots of examples of my work.

Staining Cloth Miniature Painting Tutorial

Viking raider complete with dirt and weathering