How to Paint a Black Templar Base

Okay folks, BAM here with a quick Step-By-Step on How to Paint a Black Templar Base for my Black Templars Unit. This time I will be using Unreal Wargaming Studios highly detailed resin bases from their Sacred Ruins line. I will begin from the first base colour. For everybody who has read my other Step-By-Steps, the first phase is always cleaning and washing the bases in warm soapy water. Then I apply a black undercoat with a rattle can primer (I use mainly Citadel Black Standard primer).  Any other standard matte Black primer will work as well. So after prepping and washing the bases and once primed we can begin.

How to Paint a Black Templar Base – Early Stages

This time I used an air brush to lay on some of the basic colours. I started with a basecoat of Vallejo Air Color Tan Earth. I sprayed this on in three thin coats to build up very thin layers.

The second colour I’ve airbrushed on is Vallejo Beige. I angled the cone to catch most of the top areas and this will immediately add a subtle depth to the base. This is done using the lower part of the cone and ensures that you don’t get this second colour in the recesses.

How to Paint a Black Templar Base

From here I’ve liberally airbrushed on Citadel Agrax Earthshade in a few thin coats over the entire base. This will give a very dark colour to the base!

How to Paint a Black Templar Base – Overbrushing and Drybrushing.

From this point starts the over brushing. This is done like a dry brushing process only the paint on the dry brush is left a bit moist and uses a very light pressure. For this step I used Monument Hobbies Proacryl Bright Ivory.

From here I dry brushed on some Bold Titanium White from Proacryl’s paint line.

As I did this I simultaneously added some dark brown panel liner from Tamiya and applied this into the recesses of all the letters and the cracks, along with lightly shading the rubble to add more depth. I used Dirty Down Rust on the manhole cover. Then I picked out the edges with some Vallejo Plata or any other bright silver will work! Lastly I painted the base rim Black and Voila!

How to Paint a Black Templar Base

Hope you find these simple tutorials useful. Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out the Figurementors Digital Magazine for in-depth articles and tutorials!