Figurementors 2.0 is LIVE! and there is a sale!

Figurementors 2.0 is LIVE

Figurementors 2.0 is LIVE! Well it has been a crazy couple of months at Figurementors. There seems to be no let up in the amount of work, effort and investment in keeping the site and the magazines going. The team aren’t looking for sympathy lol but sometimes it feels that it is a hard slog. Every day life, mental health, work and family all need to be balanced to keep everything afloat. We had been wanting to update our site for some time, but where to

Figurementors 2.0 is LIVE! and there is a sale!

Our first ever issue

start, what did we want to achieve and how did we want it to look? It mainly fell on myself to determine such things, I wanted it clean and easy to navigate, I wanted an attractive loading page that showcased our products. We are also toying with the idea of having a forum, plus there is a gallery section that also needs some work doing to it as it currently stands.


Neil Kilshaw spoke to me about creating an umbrella brand for everything we do. We spoke about one colour and font style that ties everything together and I’m really happy with what the design team came up with. As it currently stands we now have 13 issues of TIHA and 5 for TIFA. This means there is a lot of work to do each month but having a all encompassing magazine has its benefits but also some major defects.

As much as we want our hobby to be inclusive and for the different genres to stand shoulder to shoulder, we feel this is the best way forward. There are still many fantasy painters that have no interest in history. And a fair few historical painters who feel that their genre needs and deserves it’s very own publication. So suffice to say Figurementors 2.0 is LIVE and here for the long term!

The Illustrated Historical Artist set the standard for what we wanted to achieve with The Illustrated Fantasy Artist and it is the beacon by which we follow. If you look at Issue 1 and 13 you will start recognising some slight differences to the issues as they’ve progressed. Little details of the design and colour etc but also more substantive changes such as the use of colour swatches, hyperlinks to sites and a fully automated Table of Contents.


This weekend saw the 2nd anniversary of our first ever magazine, Issue 1 of The Illustrated Historical Artist. Therefore, to celebrate we are running a SALE at 15% discount until Wednesday at midnight, UK time and on top of that we have just released Issue 13, check out this content:

Jose Hernandez

Luciano Massone

Jose Manuel Flores

Gonzalo Davila Ruiz

Marc Mussat

Pablo Roig Sanchez

Eduardo Fernandez

Michele Scelsi

Gabriele Leni

PLUS LOTS MORE! The issue sees us tackle intricate freehand patterns, uniforms, metallics, skin tones, building dioramas and so much more. We want to help everyone improve their own painting skills. We really hope you enjoy the issue!

Figurementors have some things in the pipeline too that we are quite excited about and wanted to offer you the chance of influencing future content. So if there is anything that you would like us to feature or write about, please let us know, we are here for you, our loyal readers. You can write to us at

Figurementors 2.0 is LIVE! and there is a sale!

Its a SALE