The Illustrated Historical Artist Moson Model Show Souvenir Special



Hello everyone,
I can not believe it is already June! So much has happened, so many shows, so many new releases, so many awards and new innovations, as our hobby goes from strength to strength.

We are excited to release our fourth Souvenir Special in collaboration with Miklos Bute, Janos Dobo and the organisers of the Moson Show!

We continue in similar fashion as those that went before with Show Report, Gallery, Winners list and a tribute to one of the greats. This time our tribute is dedicated to none other than Kirill Kanaev, who kindly provided us with images. Another thank you goes to Matteo Diomede who helped attain some other images also.

We really hope you enjoy this Issue and we continue to be thankful for all of your support.

Viva la Historia