The Illustrated Miniature Artist MMSI 2018 Special Issue


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We have been working really hard between the last issue of TIHA and the next issue of TIFA to bring you this latest special issue, actually our second MMSI special. This year our American friend Jason Fontella and avid historical figure painter Zeno Mladin provide text and images, commemorating the wonderful 44th annual MMSI show of Chicago.

In this issue we provide a complete and immersive account of the show, a gallery of hundreds of figures and kits, a tribute gallery to Best of Show winner Riccardo Ruberti and a full list of winners! This is your chance to savour this historic show in the comfort of your home, perhaps with a cuppa or maybe something a little stronger.

So without further delay, put your feet up, grab your drink and head off to Chicago for your chance to see the best the hobby has to offer. Enjoy.
Viva la Historia!