The Illustrated Historical Artist Narni Modellismo 2017 Special

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Hello to all of our readers! We really wanted to give you a Christmas Issue of our magazine but Issue 4 is quite a beast and we have at least two articles that needed translation, you will see why later! Well Issue 4 will be out the first week of January depending on the amount of Xmas cheer we all consume!

So with a considerable amount of help from our good friend Mauro Cozza we have put together a Souvenir Special about a growing figure Show in Italy, Narni Modellismo!

We always try to give you more than just a gallery of the entries and this issue is no different! Within the special’s 70 pages we have an intro to the show, a write up on Narni Underground and a tribute to Bill Horan, who was on the judging panel. Our sincerest thanks to Bill for providing us with some of his very own eye candy! Then we have the gallery of the historical pieces, the various Best of Show awards and a list of winners. Look out for Issue 4 for the complete article on Maurizio Berselli’s winning piece, Best of Historical – Resisting Last Charge.

So there you have it, we hope you enjoy this Issue and as ever we really want to express to you our readers and fellow historical painters, our sincerest gratitude, for your support.

Until the next time, Viva La Historia!