Ufgar – An In-Depth Review (Hera Models)


Ufgar the Collector is a six part, polyurethane resin bust depicting a demon, heavily based on the concept art by blocsanchez and the illustrations of Victor Varela. No other than Raul Garcia Latorre was trusted in bringing the demon to life with incredible results by the master sculptor. One of my biggest regrets was not getting the limited edition, which sold out almost immediately, so I thought I would show you the regular version.

The kit arrived in the distinctive packaging of Hera Models along with a “playing card” depicting the artwork and a cool looking sticker too. The box was bulging due to the bulk of the main piece and sadly it told, as when I opened mine, one of the spikes had been snapped off the right shoulder pad. In hindsight perhaps a slightly bigger box would have prevented this but ultimately a little super glue and a steady hand should see the issue fixed! The smaller parts are secured in ziplock bags and all nestled between layers of shaped foam. First impressions are obviously very good indeed!


The sculpt as we come to expect is of the very highest order, sumptuous detailing, great volumes, accurate anatomy, all the trademarks of a Latorre piece. Where necessary there are sharp undercuts to the detailing making everything crisp and punchy. Construction of the bust is straight forward with little or no gap filling required. The various elements offer something a little different for the painter, from open spaces for freehand or weathering, demonic skin for a focal point and textures throughout, whether it be pitting to the armour, the chainmail or the wonderfully rendered fur. Just check out Marc’s boxart below for a perfect example of what I’m talking about.


Boxart by Marc Masclans

The cast is nigh on flawless with just some very minor corrections needed, a soft mold line here and there, there are no major defaults such as casting slippages or air bubble holes. There are lovely details throughout whilst ensuring the bust stays non-busy, the sculptor does not allow redundancy of any kind. Everything compliments the other elements perfectly. The bust offers a classic silhouette and thus is highly balanced, forcing the viewer to observe the focal point and then other areas of interest in turn.


The design of Ufgar is actually quite simple, this is a traditional bust, presenting only head and shoulders and although there seem to be elements reminescent of Games Workshop’s chaos marines such as the Word Bearers, (per se the spikes, flayed flesh and chunky armour) there is enough to make it reasonably original. The lack of any type of “backpack” easily distances the sculpt from the latter. There are some clever design tricks on show, for instance the chain that is sculpted around Ufgar’s neck, easily hides the join from head to torso.


The releases from Hera Models are always of the highest order and anything sculpted by the master Latorre instantly becomes a must have, Ufgar is no exception. For all those that got a collectors edition, you lucky swines! The rest of us will merely have to make do with the standard version. The bust offers a wide range of options to the painter, the non fussy styling of the sculpt ensures a reasonably blank canvas for us all to be super creative. Highly recommended!


At €50 I believe the bust represents good value for money, especially when we consider the effort and cost put into bringing the piece to market.

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                               €50

Material                                          Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                                  6

Release Date                                 Available now

Where Can I Get It?                      HERE

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