The old lady of Bali – A Review (RobotRocket Miniatures)

The old lady of Bali – the PRELUDE

‘The old lady of Bali is the first in a new line of figures titled ThisLife through the Robot Rocket Miniatures brand, it is a 1/12, single piece bust in the traditional styling comprising just the head and shoulders. It arrived in clam pack packaging adorned with the boxart by Aythami Alonso Torrent. It is sculpted by Brice Savina and measures approximately 53mm, this surprised me actually as the level of detailing suggested something much bigger.

“Ni Luh felt the warmth of the sun on her skin and in her old bones. It was her favourite time of day, when her grandchildren played in the river. She smiled to herself, just like the light dancing upon the water, her mind was flooded with reflections of her life”.

This is a charming little kit and a great intro to this new range, I am already looking forward to future releases.

The old lady of Bali

Boxart by Aythami Torrent


The sculpt is very nice, enigmatic and particularly characterful, the smile is delightful and tells a thousand words. The texture to the headdress is superb with intricate detailing throughout, including elements such as the hair, pearl necklace, the creases and folds. Everything about the piece is crisp and sharp but there are two extra points of interest firstly, the size and zero assembly means that the painter, with very little preparation is straight to the painting and secondly The old lady of Bali is very enigmatic and charming. A piece when painted that will bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

The cast is nigh on flawless, I mean there aren’t even any resin plugs that need removing from the bottom which are usually ever present. Very impressed with the subject and quality of sculpt and cast, highly recommended.


The design is simple and clean, traditional bust style with crisp details and an immaculate cast. I believe The old lady of Bali to be an original concept and at a time when everyone seems to be going crazy for cyborg girls, barbarian warriors and archetypal fantasy characters, Robot Rocket Miniatures have been brave, looking forward to future releases in this range.

The old lady of Bali

texture, detail and charm



I think this is a delightful release, simple and small, it does not lack in detail or texture and the character is lovely. Will definitely appeal to bust painters, historical enthusiasts or anyone wishing to try their hand at freehand patterns. This is pretty much a blank canvas for any number of interpretations and styles.


I think at £25 the price point is a little expensive baring in mind the size and the rather simple design but on the other hand the sculpt, cast and subject are first class.

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                 £25

Material                           Polyurethane Reain

No of Pieces                   1

Release Date                  Available Now

Where Can I Get It?       HERE

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