SMHB Figure Modelling 22 – A Closer Look

SMHB Figure Modelling 22 – the PRELUDE

So SMHB is now standing at 23 issues plus several other issues that focus on a theme, for instance the volumes on WWII. This SMHB Figure Modelling 22 of the separate Figure series, maintaining the same style and format as previous issues, it is a classy, high end publication and one I look forward to every quarter. This particular issue contains articles on painting with oils, enamels and acrylics, from WWII to Roman generals and Pawnee Indians, something for everyone. You can check out other Issues here starting with Volume 18.


The design and layout of each volume is well considered and easy to follow. The photographs are relevant, the step by step pictures in particular are numbered and clearly show the progress of each step. In my opinion this is THE publication for figure painters and although it is clearly aimed at historical figures, all genres are represented and each volume is great value for money.

SMHB Figure Modelling 22

Ernesto works his camo magic

Not only do we get the step by step process but more importantly the authors regularly divulge some tip or nugget of wisdom that frequently helps to piece everything together and aid us on our personal journey of development.


First up in SMHB Figure Modelling 22, published in June 2018, sees the arrival of three debutant writers for Mr Black alongside regular contributors such as Sergey Popovichenko and Ernesto Stalhuth. It is Ernesto that kicks off this Volume with a short and concise account of German Waffen SS with Panzerschreck from Young Miniatures. The Artist provides a full list of colours used and talks through specialist techniques like pointillism for the helmet texture and the process for painting the smock camo. At the back of the article is a gallery of images of the finished bust.

SMHB Figure Modelling 22

one of my fave articles in this issue

Next up is one of two standout articles, Pawnee warrior by Sergey Popovichenko. Sergey uses oils over acrylics and provides really useful information on painting native Indian skin-tones. Sergey covers blending technique, base building and detailing the figure.

We have small articles written by the “newbies” Zacharias Andriopoulos and Selu Casanova who paint a Roman General bust from Young Miniatures and a small vignette piece titled In Defence of the Reich from Mantis Miniatures. Both articles take the format of a step by step accompanied with full colour list. Selou also explains the obsession for creating small vignettes and the need to maximise space.

Christos Katselos returns once more with two small articles, both regarding the painting of busts, one being the WWII Soviet Female Tanker from the Life Miniatures Painting Tutorial Series.

The stand out article this time is from another debutant, MYOUCHIN who discusses at some length the sculpting process for the incredible 14th Century Medieval Knight bust he sculpted for Young Miniatures. In this right page article we are shown how to sculpt the head and torso, maintaining scale, anatomy and volumes. The section on creating the stunning chainmail is particularly interesting as is the process for creating the resin plates.At the back of this article we are also treated to a small gallery of the finished box art painted by Master Painter Kirill Kanaev.

SMHB Figure Modelling 22

the main article is this wonderful piece on sculpting

Stelios Neofytidis weighs in with two more, small articles comprising step by step, numbered images and colour recipes for the various elements of British Soldier at Gallipoli from Tommy’s War and a Greek Evzone in 50mm scale which was a scratch/conversion figure.

Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth finishes off the bookazine with his interpretation of the WWII SS Gebirgsjager bust from Young Miniatures complete with historical background and paint recipes for each element of the bust. The 50 pages  within are dedicated to figure painting tutorials with just a couple of adverts, relevant to figure painting, restricted to the inside of the cover.


There are different approaches through the book as it is written by a variety of artists who have their own skills and techniques and indeed their own way of putting across the information they wish to share with the reader. Some of the articles are more step by step and concise, others are informative and insightful but they are all relatively easy to follow and understand. My favourite article is definitely that by MYOUCHIN but I am also aware that some painters prefer to learn from colour recipes so the book provides a nice mix of article types and it is also nice to see input from the sculptors who provide us with these incredible kits.


The SMHB series from Mr Black Publications is without doubt the leading printed, reference for figure painters around the world and SMHB Figure Modelling 22 is another great addition. For me it has become an invaluable reference to my painting and is also a major highlight when the post man delivers the next issue.

The design, photography, writing, editing and the quality of the collaborating artists makes this a must for the serious figure painter looking to develop further along their own painting journey.


PRICE                            14.95 €

No of PAGES                50

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