Rotten Factory – an Insight!

Rotten Factory – the PRELUDE

Rotten Factory is a newcomer to the market and a small, independent creator of figures entrenched within the genre of fantasy/horror with a nod towards all things Nurglesque! Rotten Factory hail out of Poland and the owner, Pawel Jakub Gorecki, designs and sculpts everything himself. The figures in general remind me of a more adult version of GW, approaching the design ideals say of Heldorado. There are things here to remind me of the Art of Adrian Smith, films such as Silent Hill, clearly these are some sort of chaos warrior faction, the fine detailing and classic posing and design make them perfect for painting and ultimately can be used for skirmish gaming.

Pawel sent me a small selection of the faction and I must say first impressions are very good!

Rotten Factory

I love the concept art


One of the very first things you realise when looking at one of these small figures is the level of crisp detailing that is incorporated into each, from fur to iconography to texture. There is a wealth of elements here to enjoy and frankly the thought that he does all of this himself is bordering on the absurd. Some figures come without any assembly needed at all to others that comprise maybe six parts, the sculpting of the details is crisp and clean and the cast is of a very high order too. The material is a semi hard polyurethane resin and other than some minor mold line removal there is not much preparation to be done, there are no major defects such as air bubble holes or casting slippages.

Each and every figure seems to have a personality of its own which is testament to the sculpting skills on show.


These figures are clearly entrenched in the ideals and concepts that we have in the most part grown up with during our years as figure painters, gamers and fans. These figures ooze character, with bludgeoning weapons, intricate detailing and an eye for anatomy and posture. The designs are well considered and balanced with iconic silhouettes all too recognisable. Do you remember the Forgeworld book Tamurkan? In many ways these designs remind me of those pastel sketches contained within.

The pieces I received all have a predominantly static pose, ideal for basing to game with, yet there is a hidden dynamism to each that makes them just as suitable for the serious painter. These in many ways are your typical gaming figure, around 32mm scale, there are enough figures in the range and more being developed and produced to field an all Rotten Factory faction or could be used to add some much needed unique interest to an existing force.


These are highly detailed, well cast figures of wonderful design and a concept that I have always felt allegiance to more than any other fantasy type warrior. Rotten Factory are slowly building a loyal fanbase and it is my hope that my little expose here can generate more interest for the company whose work I believe deserves to be shared with the wider figure painting community.


Koliath the Conqueror is one of my current favourites and at PLN35 (average price point for the figures on a whole), or about an incredible €8. Simply put these probably offer the best value for money figures on the market, whether your interest is gaming or painting.

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                Price varies but around the €10 mark.

Material                          Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                   Varies from figure to figure

Release Date                   Available now and more coming……

Where Can I Get It?        HERE

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