Oscura (Queen of Spades) – An In-Depth Review (Kimera Models)

Oscura – the PRELUDE

Oscura is a new release under the Domina range of figures from Kimera Models, based on the concept by Andrea Iula and brought to life by Ebroin’s sculpt, this is a 75mm, multi part kit. She arrived in the Now instantly recognisable packaging, matte black box with silver embossed logo to the lid. Inside we find a small poster depicting Artwork and boxart, along with the 11 Polyurethane Resin parts nestled between layers of foam.

First impressions are very good.


the concept art y andrea iula


A mix of gothic noir, John Carter Vampires and Alice in Wonderland, the sculpt is wonderful. Full of intricate detailing, sensual allure and a bubbling undercurrent of evil and violence. Oscura the word is actually the female form of Spanish Oscuro, also written as Obscuro, meaning dark, so the title and design very much go hand in hand. The cut of the figure has been cleverly considered and the attachment of the cloak and arms is in my opinion particularly innovative, with an almost reverse engineering element. We have the main piece consisting of legs and torso, legs extended, standing almost on her toes due to the height of her heels, garters showing at the top of her thigh length sheer stockings. Her right hip is raised resulting in an overly suggestive manner to her pose. Her left hand is sculpted separately to her belt dragging it down to the left.


The kit in full

The main piece of cloak consists of two large drooping folded lengths that have pegs and holes to the inside. The two pegs line up with holes in the cut away where her rear would be, almost snapping into place with a tight fit. A second piece of cloak, that which hangs between the legs and settles on the floor, is attached to the larger piece via the holes which are visible between her thighs. Again, simple and intuitive attachment. From there we can then attach the arms, the left sitting snugly in the folds of the cloak near the shoulder, with wrist accurately positioned to the left hand sculpted to the belt. The right arm attaches in similar fashion, held out to the side ready to receive her spade staff. I was initially concerned about how to paint this figure if fully assembled but the dry fit shows painting would be quite straight forward if we were to simply leave off the “tiara” headdress. However, painting the sword could be difficult, so I would look at this carefully, maybe paint the sword first, then attach during the build process, which would require priming the parts prior to assembly. Mhmmmm food for thought! The upside down “spade” collar sits naturally atop the shoulders and joins up all the various elements nicely with the head then sitting comfortably in the centre.


intricate detailing and attention to facial anatomy are spot on

The sword and staff both continue in the same vein as the rest of the figure with intricate detailing, fine filigree and further references to the spade motif. The final part to this kit is the stylised kit with holes to receive the legs to the feet and a recessed area for the trailing cloak to settle naturally to the floor. Expert attention to detail throughout. The casting is of a very high standard too, one or two soft mold lines need removing and there’s a little flash between the fine detailing of the head to the staff. There are no major defects such as air bubble holes or casting slippages.


The design is wonderful, from the concept art through to the attention to detail shown in the cutting of the figure for casting purposes. Everything fits snugly with minimal fuss, take for instance the small ridge cut into the back of her head to receive the tiara! Nice! The pose is well balanced with a original character design. I applaud Pegaso and Kimera Models for going about their business in what I consider the correct manner, employing an Art Director, employing Concept Artists, employing Sculptors. This is how to grow a company, to develop a brand and an identity at a time when more and more are copying the popular trends, I applaud Kimera Models for pushing the boundaries in what is possible in Figure Art.


Ina very short space of time Kimera Models have developed a series of ranges that are highly desirable and appeal to both collector and painter. The sculpt, cast and presentation of each kit is of the very highest quality, the assembly is straight forward, with crisp detailing and a snug fit that means the painter can get to the business end of the project. This also means the figures are ideal for beginner and the competition level painter. Highly recommended!


When we consider the concept artist, art director, sculptor, caster, the box artist and all of the work that has gone into creating such a beautiful figure, €52 as a price point seems very competitive. I think it is important for the community to fully understand the amount of time and effort creating such a project in this way takes.

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                   €52

Material                              Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                      11

Release Date                     Available Now

Where Can I Get It?          HERE

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