Onibi by Nuts Planet – A Closer Look

Onibi – the PRELUDE

Nuts Planet are prolific to say the least, the wealth and breadth of the subject matter is frightening, this time around we take a look at Onibi! This is a 1/12 scale bust comprising of seven polyurethane resin parts along with a clear acrylic right arm. It is sculpted by Jun-Sik Ahn and arrived in the usual blue sturdy box with the lid adorned by the box art painted by Myeong-Ha Hwang. The smaller parts are contained in a ziplock bag and everything is nestled between layers of shaped foam. First impressions are very good indeed!


The sculpt as mentioned is by the uber talented Jun-Sik Ahn and is full of intricate detailing and textures, for instance the Asian Coolie hat is accurately presented and the scale is spot on, I mean by this that the thickness of the piece is spot on, sometimes you see adornments or clothing that have ridiculous thickness to them that make them look unrealistic.

This is pretty much a traditionally styled bust, being mainly head and shoulders, the anatomy as always is perfect with subtle curves and musculature. The fabric is very well presented with realistic looking folds and creases. There is a sculpted strap that sits across the chest that finishes half way down her back, above a hole that receives the peg on the Katana. The robe is sculpted falling off the right shoulder.

The fit of the right arm is perfect and the inclusion of the clear resin is a great way to help the painter achieve a magical effect. Likewise dry fitting of the head is also very good although on most parts there are the customary casting plugs that will need cutting away and filing smooth. The facial features are exquisite, delicate and subtly detailed although I am in two minds about the little horns.

The cast is very good indeed, minimal cold lines and no major defects such as air bubble holes or cast slippage!


The kit in full

Nuts Planet have an enormous back catalogue of original designs and interesting concepts and Onibi is no different. This delicate 1/12 scale bust plays with traditional Japanese culture such as the fishing hat, demonic folklore and the name “Onibi” which is the term given to atmospheric ghost light in legends of Japan. According to folklore, they are the spirits born from the corpses of humans and animals and are also sometimes the words “will-o’-wisp” or “jack-o’-lantern” are translated into Japanese as “onibi”.

The bust is well balanced with a nice silhouette, there are no redundant details here, everything tells a story.


Nuts Planet are one of a few companies in my opinion that are a true giant of the miniature community with a growing and dedicated fanbase, a Hugh back catalogue, an eclectic mix of busts and figures for all tastes and interests. Onibi is another wonderful bust with many painting options and is sure to be another success! Highly recommended!


This is a matter of choice but I believe $50 is a reasonably competitive price point particularly when as a customer you are able to appreciate the efforts invested from concept, sculpt, cast, boxart and packaging! You can get yours HERE!