Oda Nobunaga – An In-Depth Review (DG Artwork)

Oda Nobunaga – the PRELUDE

This is a 1/9 scale bust depicting the enigmatic Samurai, Oda Nobunaga. It comprises of 14 parts along with a pedestal and a length of copper wire, first impressions are very good. We are also provided a choice of heads, garbed or bare. The kit arrived in the Now perfunctory DG, black cardboard box adorned with the box art by Alex Long, the Polyurethane resin parts are secured in ziplock bags and nestled between layers of foam. Dry fitting of the parts shows that there is very little need for gap filling, the detailing is crisp and the casting is of a high standard. The kit is sculpted by Dae-Hyeong Kim himself and is a perfect example to his ongoing development as a top sculptor.


The kit consists of one main piece, which includes torso and the left arm, from there we have various locating holes to accept the various parts. The “Do” or cuirass along with the rest of the kit consists of intricate, vertical “silk bands”, criss crossed with horizontal bands, as is the Sode (shoulder armour). The whole piece is ornately studded and banded and the detailing is crisply captured in the cast. The Do is held with broad shoulder straps, the clasps are presented in a large, ornate form that sit just above the chest. The two heads are both superbly sculpted and cast with nice facial details, strong anatomy and a good resemblance to Oda.

Oda Nobunaga

the kit in full

The layered up sections of leather armour are attached to the arm via lengths of corded rope which cinch into the Hitatare. The whole sculpt is super clean, crisp with sharp undercuts throughout and despite this amazing level of intricate detailing, the cast is nigh perfect, with just some excess resin blocks that need removing and filing smooth. The right arm, bent at the elbow is raised so as to grasp the beaded necklace around the neck and displays baggy folds and realistic creases. The left arm which needs attaching is however, armoured, I am assuming so as to protect his sword at,. It is complete with mail, bamboo ribbing leather protection to the hand. The Sode attach via small peg and hole assembly and are superbly reproduced. Take care to remove the excess resin that runs along the bottom edge.

Oda Nobunaga

two very different head options

Lets have a quick look at the Katana which attaches to the handle held in the left hand via a small peg and hole assembly. This single piece shows the attention to detail that the sculptor has invested in this kit. The handle is near perfect, displaying the basic ornament ending (Kashira), the (Menuki) grip (Tsuka), although the stud ornamentation (Menuki) is absent, and the handguard (Tsuba)! A lot of research has been put into this project. The scabbard (Saya) shows the same level of detailing with Shitodome fitting with knob (Kurikata) intricately laid out. There is a length of cord crisscrossing the scabbard that where it is attached to the torso lines up with the rest of the cord hanging from below the waistband.

Oda Nobunaga

an example of the intricate detailing on display

The small parts include the right hand holding the beads, Oda Nobunaga’s top knot (for the bare head), a further length of beads and the rather intricate, knotted ends of the cords that were used to attach the Sode. Here lies my only issue with the kit, there is a length of copper wire included which I assume is to recreate the cords, but in my opinion this could prove pretty tricky and I see no other parts that could do this job (see image four of four in below gallery to understand my point).


I believe the design to this bust to be complex yet balanced and well presented, the bust offers a dynamic silhouette and the composition is well considered. The level of detailing is superb yet not overwhelming and truly compliments the subject. It is a piece that is steeped in a good understanding of the subject matter and shows considerable time was invested in researching the character. I believe this is a particularly original bust even though Samurai subjects have been of a popular subject matter with figure painters for many years.


DG Artwork continue to expand their catalogue listings with new and varied subjects each and every month, from WWII to medieval, through to Oriental and Fantasy. Regardless of scale, bust or figure there is literally something for everyone. The quality of the sculpt, cast and presentation makes this a truly desirable kit especially for those looking to break out of their comfort zone and push their skill set to the next level. The bust will clearly appeal to those with an historical interest in the Orient, the figure painter and the collector.


Even at $70 this large, detailed kit offers excellent value for money, the large size means, the spare head makes a perfect practice piece for perfecting skin tones and facial expressions. The level of detail and size of the bust means there are literally dozens of hours of painting fun ahead for the painter.

Dates, figures and Stuff

Cost                                 $70

Material                           Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                    15 plus wire

Release Date                    Available Now

Where Can I Get It?         HERE

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