New Releases in Figure Painting Issue 5

New Releases-the Prelude

Now I am back with more new releases in miniature. I am   sorry for the wait since last time, I have simply had too much to catch up to since Monte san Savino, my preparations for that as well as the trip itself tom up most of my time and afterwards I really needed to focus on the many things that did not get my attention at the time… There are previous new releases here and do not miss the unmissable art here. Let’s see what new releases that have caught the Figurementors’ attention this week.


First up we have Sigrun from Black Crow Miniatures. Sigrun is a Valkyrie, one of those fierce women of the Norse Mythology that collect the fallen warriors on the battlefield and bring them to Valhal. This one looks very strong, yet cast with a lot of fine detail and finesse. This is a bust scaled 1/9, measuring 120 mm top to bottom, cast in resin. She is sculpted by Pedro Fernandez after an artwork by Guillermo Gonzales. Very beautiful in my opinion, definitely one of the new releases to consider for a future project. She is be available here.

New Releases

Sigrun from Black Crow


Second we have the Water Demon from Michael Kontraros Collectibles. This is an eerie underwater creature, sculpted by Michael Kontraros himself. This is a nymph like, mermaid like, yet evil-looking creature, there is just something about it… She is in 54mm scale and comes in 7 pieces cast in resin. There is even a seabed base included with various fish and a squid included. We have a lovely box art paint job by Francesco Farabi. The Water Demon is available here.

New Releases

Water Demon Michael Kontraros collectibles


And lastly, but definitely not least in the New Releases we have Lucas Pina Penichet’s Wise Woman that will go on sale December 5th. She is part of Lucas Pina’s Best of Show sinning display at Monte san Savino. This made for a very strong display showing all his sculpts of this year, including this Wise Woman. She is an old Indian woman, wearing a chieftain’s head dress. She is smearing some ritualistic paint on her cheek. She looks very expressive, yet there is something peaceful, well balanced about her. She is a typical Lucas Pina sculpt and I mean that in the best possible way. There is empathy in his busts and they keep getting better and better! An impressive piece. The Wise Woman will be available here.

New Releases

Wise Woman Spira Mirabilis

These were all of the New Releases for this week, I’ll be back next week with more New Releases.

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