New Releases in Figure Painting Issue 3

New Releases-the PRELUDE

Now it is, yet again time to take a look at what new releases in miniatures have caught our eyes here at Figurementors. Autumn have hit us and it is really time to get down to some lovely miniature making, now that the weather is cold and wet, what better time for interesting new releases in miniature? If you missed last week’s New Releases, it can be found here and the first one is here. We also have the new feature: Unmissable Art, which is certainly worth a look and can be found here.

New Releases

Chris Clayton’s 0.4

The first one to really have caught my eye is Chris Clayton’s 0.4 bust, manufactured and released by Broken Toad. It is an approximately 70mm tall bust, depicting a female sci-fi warrior, who carries a large and very high tech looking gun! She is the latest of his series of busts, that started with Hush some time ago. She is looking very bad-ass and business-like yet she is still both femine and beautiful. She also reminds me a little of a Red army soldier lady, cool and strong. We have such a nice contrast going on here between her organic, feminine face and her inorganic suit with all its mechanical parts and rebreather equipment, not to mention her big gun! Personally I have been looking forward to anything new in the vein of Hush and I am thrilled that we finally have got 0.4. This has got to be a must-have for me. She is available here.

Some more angles of 0.4:


From Karol Rudyk Art we have a new vampire bust. This one is called Seraphim the Hunter. It is a very sharp and detailed bust with quite an attitude! It fits his growing range of vampires perfectly. Seraphim is designed and sculpted by Dawid Franco Campos & Adrian Taboada. They did a beautiful job, I think this is the best yet in the Karol Rudyk Art range of vampires! The scale is 1/10. We have an exceptional box art paint job by Michal Pisarski that really brings the piece to life! It is available here.

New Releases

Seraphim the Hunter as painted by Michal Pisarski


Finally we take a look at Aradia Miniatures, one of my personal favourite miniature companies! They have just released Toadking: The Toad Father. From this kit, you can virtually make a whole little diorama with this big old Toad King sitting in a mushroom throne with a tree growing out and attended by a snail servant who cools him by waving a leaf! He carries a scythe-like weapon and can wear a crown optionally. This is like an older, wiser, fatter and more powerful version of their earlier Toad King release. This is indeed one of the better new releases I have seen for a long time and it can easily find its way to my Christmas wish-list!  Toadking: The Toadfather is sculpted by Joaquin Palacios after a concept by Stefano Moroni. We have a striking box art paintjob by Arnau Lazaro. From November 5th it will be available here.

New Releases

Toadking: The Toad father

I think these three are some pretty solid new releases, that are sure to bring a lot of hobby entertainment for the cold days of winter!

I’ll be back next week with more new releases!

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