New Releases in Figure Painting Issue 1

New Releases – the PRELUDE

Welcome to our new feature, New Releases. Here we will take a look at those recent, new releases and preorders that have caught our eyes. This is by no means a review of the products, but we will share our opinions on the new and upcoming releases as well as links to where they can be purchased whenever possible.

Let’s see what new releases or preorders have caught our eyes last week.

New Releases

Shanara and Triceratops

First up is the new Shanara and her Triceratops due to be released very soon by Mirico. It is an impressive 75mm prehistoric savage amazon woman resting with her pet triceratops eating apples. Much in the vein of their earlier release Lena. Here you get a dual release as well, you can get the woman and her triceratops and you can get her as a bust. That triceratops is going to be huge! About 15 cm! It is digitally sculpted by Ali Jalali.  Rico Chia of Mirico says that the figure is inspired by his wife and her pet dragon, she has this big pet lizard with which she has a lot of fun. Sweet story. It will become available Here.


New Releases

Trolltunga from Semper Fidelis

Next up is Trolltunga, a 75mm Viking due very soon from Semper Fidelis. A very strong and characterful and menacing sculpt of a Viking hero. It is available for preorder at the moment. This is right up my alley for exploring my own Viking roots, definitely one I consider for my collection. It is currently available for preorder at El Greco.

New Releases

They Camp by the Sea

From Semper Fidelis Miniatures we also have They came by the Sea, a nice pair of medieval warriors staring and pointing out to sea as a little vignette in 54mm. It is a cool complete storytelling piece by itself and has great potential for storytelling in a larger picture as well. This is also available from El Greco as preorder.

Lastly we take a look at the big chaos warriors from Black Sun Miniatures. Kraksus, Madax and Severax. They are currently available to preorder Here and estimated to ship by the end of October or start of November. These are big chaos warriors in 75mm scale, so their actual height is more than 80mm. They are based on concepts by Ni Yipeng and beautifully sculpted by Joaquin Palacios. They are all three very reminiscent of Adrian Smith’s artwork, especially the champion, Kraksus reminds me of cover art from Chaos army books. The other two especially Madax are a bit more like Adrian Smith’s Hate series. Severax, who is the most dynamically posed one of the trio with his raised shield, is made to go with yet another upcoming Black Sun release, Solrak so they can fit together as a small vignette, you will be able to buy them separately or together. We have seen that before in previous Black Sun releases, quite a clever feature I think.

These are a very strong trio and I expect to see some strong paint jobs on these in next years painting competitions. I might get one myself.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for more new releases and preorders next week.

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