Kit Review – Velaf (Galapagos Miniatures)


I am happy that Ju-Won Jung of Galapagos Miniatures continue the collaboration with our site and this is the second review in what I hope will be many. I was instantly impressed with the quality of the presentation. The kit which is a 1/10, 7 part (unless you were fortunate to get one of the 100 casts that come with an optional head set), polyurethane resin figure that arrived in a sturdy, mahogany coloured box adorned with the boxart by Ju-Won Jung. As you lift the front flap, we are greeted with the words “open your own world”which brought a smile to my face. Inside we find the smaller parts sealed in ziplock bags with the foam layers cut into shape to house the larger parts as safely as possible. Another nice touch was the wax stamped, art card, found underneath the bottom layer of foam.

First impression are once again very good!

the concept sketch that inspired the sculpt


Beginning with the torso it is immediately evident there is a high level of detailing and the cut of the torso makes for an interesting and more dynamic silhouette. At the base of the torso we have a square peg that attaches to a geometrically shaped plinth. The anatomy is beautifully observed and presented, with accurately rendered muscle groups. Individual muscles to the chest and abdomen are sculpted in a realistic and understate manner. The strength and bulk is there for all to see but it is not over done in a “cartoony” style.

Despite the “unusual” styling to the busts cut it remains a traditional styling with it being just head and shoulders. The left arm is cut just below the bicep, sporting a “celtic” style torque with banded edging and engraved patterning. The left shoulder is protected by some scale link mail, atop this we have either woolen or hide padding to position the armour upon.

The strap to the armour that sits diagonally across the chest again displays elements of originality and attention to detail, skull motif, textures, buckles and the strap ending that pokes out from underneath the main piece. Around the neck we have a sculpted necklace, complete with delicately engraved runes. The fur cloak draped over the right shoulder has wonderful volumes and strands of fur are individually sculpted. The torso overall is exquisitely sculpted with crisp detailing, sharp undercuts where appropriate with solid anatomy and original touches (check out the detailing to the torque).

The head as an interesting cut to it for attachment to the bust yet it works perfectly and the fit is snug! Velaf in the original head version is portrayed as wearing a skull helm with thick, shulder length dreadlocks sweeping down upon the shoulders. Facial features are perfectly sculpted carrying a haughty demeanour, arched brows, long nose and a smirk to the mouth.There is a large peg of resin at the rear of the head that will need cutting and filing smooth and the two horns can then be attached, locator pins will make this straightforward.

The second head involves some construction, first we have the face wrapped in a stylised, trimmed bodyglove, different expression to the first, with a horizontal wedge cut at the rear. Into this we attach the length of hair, with the skull helm sitting atop and holding everything together, there are specific areas to the side of the helm to attach the backward sweeping horns.

The right arm attaches immediately below the torque hiding the join and is an extension to the accurate anatomy we have already witnessed. The fur vambrace to the lower arm is secured into place with buckled leather and strapping. The hand is carrying the hilt of the weapon and the only part left is the wicked looking, curved blade, which attaches simply flat surface to another. the flat surface is question though is wide and deep enough that if you so wish you could pin the blade for extra support.

The cast is nigh on perfect, even the smooth rear surface is perfectly smooth with no mold lines or major defects such as air bubble holes or casting slippage. I am once again really impressed with the work of Galapagos Miniatures!


The design is well developed and carefully thought out, there is a dynamism to the pose and the arrogant posture matches the facial expression. The face is framed by the large blade which forces the observer to maintain interest on the focal point. The cut of the bust for casting is innovative too ensuring all the joins are perfect with no need for any gap filling.

“a true nature of the mountains’ horror would expose its identity from the gaping crevice of the mountains’ fourth crater, he was waiting for its appearance in silence for many days. After his twelve days of waiting he saw sulfur gas and bursting volcano ashes started to be intensely covering the entire mountain. After two more days of waiting he could finally see its massive, shimmering eyes in foggy ashes. It was an awakening of the primordial giant that once destroyed the flourishing ancient city of Elves Riverdale.

One of the mysterious legends in the Galapagos continent finally disclosed its secret”.

The bust is particularly original too, taking the archetype barbarian warrior and immersing him in the natural power of the planet Earth, the destructive yet life giving power of the volcano, The Dragon Hunter of Mount Zigba!


The fantastical busts coming out from this studio are original and of the highest possible quality, in addition the presentation is of the highest order. This is a high end product with a remarkably competitive price point! Galapagos have been developing a loyal fan base and after a break from the industry last year, they are back with a bang with some great releses planned!


Their products are available from stockists around the World, so it would be best to look at the list of stockists for the one most convenient to your location. El Greco Miniatures, here in England, have this bust on sale for £43 plus shipping, a more than reasonable price point.

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                        £43

Material                                 Polyuretahne Resin

No of Pieces                           7 plus additional parts for the 100 ltd edn

Release Date                          Available Now

Where Can I Get It?             Check HERE for stockists

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