Kit Review – Sana (White Wolf Miniatures)


White Wolf Miniatures is a relatively new company and this new release Sana, is a real gem! The digital sculpt by Juan Puerta, despite it being a static pose is full of details that are super crisp. The print was done by Jordi Bernat Gonzalez at Micron3D on the Solus3D printer incorporating Protosolus resin, the results are superb!

This is a three piece, traditional bust (head and shoulders) of polyurethane resin and the quality of the cast is first class with literally zero preparation required other than a quick bath and assembly. The kit arrived in a white box adorned with the boxart by Dion Morgan (winner of a White Wolf painting competition some months back), with the parts nestled within packing material, they didn’t miss a trick either and sent a sticker too, you know us painters love the stickers to adorn our wet palettes, lamps and carry cases! First impressions are so good and let us now take a closer look!

White Wolf Miniatures

the 3D print shows what can be achieved with the very best of printer

“Sana, Sana, she hears her name being whispered on the wind. She knows it’s her family. They came in the night and shadows, screams, the smell of death in the air. Her father fought, she escaped. Run Run!! She came back to bury them. She was born Samurai, took her father’s armour and sword and swore to avenge them. She will never run again. Sana Sana, the wind whispered again”.


Beginning with the head we once again have all the evidence that this is a wonderful sculpt and cast, our female warrior is depicted with soft, sensual features that belie her tough and deadly character (the only clue to her martial prowess is the scar to the left cheek). The rendering to her hair is sublime with individual strands and clumps both represented, with the traditional top knot intricately woven and pulling the hairline at her temples.

White Wolf Miniatures

the kit in full

The profile of the head actually reminds me of Greek sculpture, it is that good, with delicate nose and a full mouth, accompanied by high cheekbones, short forehead and a slim jawline. The structure of the eye is perfect also, with very clear and crisp detailing to the socket, eyeball, upper and lower lids and attention has also been paid to the nicely shaped eye brows. Her neck is long and slender and the fit of the head, held high and just a little off centre to the left, to neckline of the torso is perfect too, no unsightly gap-filling needed.

Before we move on to the torso let’s have a quick look at her Katana which attaches to her back via a square peg and hole assembly. This single piece shows the attention to detail that the sculptor has invested in this kit. The handle is perfect, displaying the ornament ending (Kashira), the stud ornamentation (Menuki) grip (Tsuka) and the handguard (Tsuba), not only that but the smaller, indistinct collar (Fuchi), between handle and guard is also represented, wow! A lot of research has been put into this project. The scabbard (Saya) shows the same level of detailing with Shitodome fitting with knob (Kurikata) intricately laid out. There is a length of cord crisscrossing the scabbard that where it is attached to the torso lines up with the rest of the cord draped over the right shoulder and which traverses the length of the torso and around to the scabbard.

White Wolf Miniatures

the level of detailing and accuracy is stunning

The torso is a complex, multi layered section displaying a high level of detail and historical accuracy, very impressive. The robe (Hitatare) under the armour is ribbed vertically and shows realistic and natural looking creases and folds and is cinched in areas where needed. The “Do” or cuirass is particularly ornate compared to many others, which can be rather plain and is held in place with the use of the shoulder strap (Watagami) and laced at the sides a la corset.

White Wolf Miniatures

the same attention to detail is lavished upon the rear too

The bust only displays the upper arm and they are protected by the shoulder armour (Sode) which is, same as the “Do”, banded, studded and intricately detailed. The layered up sections of leather armour are attached to the arm via lengths of corded rope which cinch into the Hitatare. The whole sculpt is super clean, crisp with sharp undercuts throughout and despite this amazing level of intricate detailing, the cast is quite simply perfect! This is one of THE BEST CASTS I HAVE EVER SEEN! Even the undersides of the torso and upper arms is smooth and requires no preparation. I knew without being told this was was cast by SAGO!

White Wolf Miniatures

the intricacy of the leather studding is quite something


The attention to detail throughout really makes this piece stand out, there is a lot of quality to this piece. In my opinion it is historically accurate whilst the soft, anime approach to the sculpt of her face adds a little fantastical twist. The beauty of the piece lays in the detailing and depth to the various layers, whilst the silhouette is instantly recognisable. The upright posture strengthens the warrior spirit of the Samurai and speaks of her inner strength as well as her athleticism and Samurai pride. I believe this piece to be particularly original and as such White Wolf should be congratulated on not heading down the tried and tested route.

White Wolf Miniatures

i believe this image would have been used for reference for this particular sculpt


I strongly believe that this piece will become a best seller, it will appeal to historical and fantasy painters alike and those with an interest of the Oriental theme will be particularly impressed. The level of detail, the crispness of the cast etc should make this an enjoyable experience to put paint to.


When I visited the site to discover the price I was blown away by the cost, just €30! In my opinion this is an exceptional price for an exceptional bust. The detail, sculpt, quality of cast and so forth are all indicators of a high end product, yet the price is incredibly competitive!

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                         €30

Material                                  Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                           3

Release Date                         Available Now

Where Can I Get It?            HERE

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