Kit Review -Memories of the Void Seeds (Nocturna)



The kit in full

This female figure continues the Malefic range inspired by Luis and Romulo Royo for Nocturna. The kit arrived safely in its now customary and stunning metal tin adorned with the boxart painted by Jesus Martin. This is a 70mm (1/24 scale), seven part polyurethane kit accompanied with a nice scenic base. As always it is cast by HD cast and comes with the ever present certification.


The piece is sculpted once more by the insanely talented yet relatively unheard of Iranian sculptor, Arash Beshkooh. Arash has a very delicate and vulnerable style that somehow perfectly encapsulates the world of Malefic, created by the brothers Luis and Romulo.

The sculpt is exquisite, the face and anatomy has fine detailing, the pose is somehow a cross between vulnerable and dangerous. The details to the bodice, threads, tunic edging and belt are perfectly rendered and have sharp undercuts where appropriate.


Crisp detailing

The texture to the leggings and flowing cloak is another great touch. The folds and creases are beautifully crafted and realistic, there is a minimalist feel to the sculpt. The sword fits the styling perfectly too and there are some really crisp, spiky detailing especially to the pommel.

The cast by HD as always nigh on flawless. All the details, textures and volumes are perfectly captured, offering an excellent canvas for the painter. I can’t see any defects whatsoever other than a couple of fine moldlines, yet air bubble holes, casting slips are all absent. There is a small plug that will need extreme care to remove from the corner of the tunic.

The arm and leg both attach via a peg and hole assembly, the fit is tight and snug and requires no gap filling.

I was a little disappointed to see that a tip of hair strand around the back has snapped off in transit, other than that everything is perfect.


According to the Royo site the

“narrative time is set in the year 2038. In that year the global society suffers extreme degradation, that began decades earlier, which has led to its almost complete collapse. National and International structures no longer exist. From a global concept of governments, media, market and social cohesion, across the world are gone.

In biblical terms this is the “apocalypse”, Worlds End. The end of the world has not been produced by an external threat, a cataclysm or anything foreign or uncontrollable by humanity but rather represents the failure of the current model of human existence”.


Nice textures

The malefic range stands out as being genuinely unique. There are plenty of femme fatale, nude females, post apocalyptic settings but none to my mind, pull it off so perfectly and artistically as Nocturna. It’s the subtlety and elegance of Royos characters, coupled with the delicate sculpting which makes this a stunning and original sculpt.

The design is well considered with a balanced and soft composition. Arash has perfectly captured the post apocalyptic vision of the Royos. The anatomy is accurately presented, the long slender limbs and delicate facial features create the impression of a lithe and athletic protagonist, a survivor honed by the hardships of her environment.



The sword has some minor moldlines

I believe that all kits from Nocturna are highly desirable but the females from the Malefic series particularly so.

The collaboration between Jesus Martin, the Royo brothers and the sculptor Arash Beshkooh guarantees stunning subjects and Nocturnas’ quest for perfection through HD cast guarantees satisfaction.


Considering all of the above including the wonderful sculpt, faultless cast, concept, design, packaging et al, I firmly believe the price point is reasonable. Fifty Euros for a 70mm figure of this quality is definitely worthwhile.

Nocturna continue to set the bar incredibly high.


Cost                                 €50

Material                          Polyurethane Resin

Date or Release             Available Now

Where can I get it?        HERE