Isbiliya – A Review (Pedro Fernandez Works)

Isbiliya – the PRELUDE

I am always excited when a new release comes from Pedro Fernandez and although Isbiliya is an older release it is stunning! The packaging always oozes a level of class not always seen in our hobby, with the parts nest;ed within wood shavings in a sturdy box. The release also comes with the story booklet written by Pepe Gallego which sets the tone for this beautiful character.

The kit consists of 7 polyurethane resin parts along with a rather attractive scenic base. First impressions are very good although I can see several mild lines that will need quite a bit of work, take care not to deface the delicate sculpt. One of the first things that comes to mind is how to assemble the figure, as both arms, if fitted will cause difficulties in painting the surrounding areas, yet both arms may need some gap filling which is never easy once assembled and painted. You will need to consider this and think of the best possible solution.

Four words separate you from your desires,
Four spells wouldn’t be the same,
But four kings couldn’t achieve it either,
Although my price will strike your worries,
And don’t take this bustle lightly,
Since my power will capture you in your desires,
So run away and consider my advice,
Or condemn yourself to my will of an old lynx.


Beautiful box art by Pepa Saavedra


The sculpt of Isbiliya is simply wonderful, sensual lines, beautiful curves and simple yet refined volumes. The facial features are leonine but particularly graceful and evokes feelings of mourning and sadness, strengthened with the hand raised to the face, perhaps wiping away a tear? The majority of the kit is straightforward to assemble, legs attach to torso and head, then the arms, a length of pony tail and two antler styled horns.

Stylish packaging

I’ve already started assembling mine and I can see that you will need to do a little gap filling at the waist joint and as I’ve already mentioned the arms may be problematic. The raised arm will make panting the face difficult whilst the weapon arm will make painting the torso difficult, my preference is always to build the entire figure as I feel it makes it easier to paint as a one piece rather than sub assemblies, yet I currently don’t see a way of doing this (perhaps extra long pins and leave actual gluing until the end?).

The kit in full

The hair is very well rendered with a sumptuous flow of the locks and nice detailing and textures, the long length of “pony tail” needs careful attachment. The fawn like ears and antlers all help to portray a graceful, anthropomorphic woodland guardian. This is a considerably large piece, approximately 160mm, long lines, subtle curves and lots of smooth, almost alabaster skin, with fur texturing to the elbows and cloven hooves. If the figure itself is beautiful the weapon she carries in contrast is rather crude and brutal looking. All in all this is a gorgeous kit that will surely provide the serious figure painter with quite a challenge!

Lovely details…


The works of Pedro Fernandez as fantasy pieces are always of original and innovative subjects and those that are grounded in historical reality are always thought provoking and well researched. The design of Isbiliya is balanced and well considered, beautiful lines and silhouette with a nimble, lithe like posture that really adds to the narrative of an anthropomorphic creature. My only concern is that both arms seems to hinder the painters ability to paint once fully assembled and is something I will need to pay careful attention to before I pick up a brush.


The works of Pedro Fernandez are always eagerly anticipated and for very good reason too! This is a sublime piece and will appeal to many, especially the more experienced painter who could really immerse himself into an elaborate project. Highly recommended!


At €55 I believe this kit is worth every penny, top quality concept, sculpt, cast, packaging and presentation!
Dates, Figures and Stuff
Cost                                    €55
Material                              Polyurethane Resin
No of Pieces                      8 (incl base)
Release Date                     Available Now
Where Can I Get It?          HERE
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