The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 2 is Now Available!!

The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 2 – the PRELUDE

Download The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 2 NOW! Inside Issue 2 you will find in-depth historical miniature figure painting articles by Ernesto Reyes, Alexander Habas and Andrei Sharov.

In addition, we are pleased to present a conversation with a true maestro of the Flat Figure, Benedikt Widmann. Further, we are treated to a real insight into the techniques Marc Mussat, a renowned award winning Figure Artist, uses for his incredibly complex and accurate freehand painting.

The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 2

Just look at what is in Issue 2

We set out to create a magazine both inspirational and aspirational, with that tenet in mind we present first time writers Riccardo Agostini and Patrick Kamsma. If that was not enough we also have work from the highly respected, Napoleonic Artist Davide Chiarabella.

The Illustrated Historical Artist is proud to support the new Euro Miniature Expo at Folkestone next week and spoke with one of the lead organisers Adrian Hopwood. It seems as one show ends another starts and so we present a gallery of the recent Ferrara Show!

Grow your painter’s knowledge and skills as our collaborating Artists provide the “Why’s and How’s” context that influenced the “What” of their techniques. This means that rather than just being told What to do, you will develop your own skill set through understanding and learning how to replicate techniques and just as importantly why you do X over Y.

The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 2

a sample of the article styling and content


We approached the magazine design in such a way that its content should be useful to painters of all standards. Not only that, but we hope that the quality of its design and layout makes this a must have collectible magazine for anyone with an historical interest, so that over time it will become an invaluable resource worth revisiting in the future. We took the success of Issue 1 and made Issue 2 even better with big plans for the future, but to keep making improvements and giving YOU the historical figure painting magazine you deserve, we need YOU! We need sales, downloads, supports and reviews, please help!

Continue your artistic journey with this latest issue of The Illustrated Historical Artist, we are sure you will love it!