The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 2 coming SOON!

Hi everyone

The gang and I are really proud of what is happening with Issue 2 of The Illustrated Historical Artist and can not wait to share it all with you. We are really pleased with the response that Issue 1 got, the number of downloads was phenomenal, we can only hope you all come back to buy Issue 2 and many others in the future!

We wanted to give you all a little taster of what is in store for this coming issue of The Illustrated Historical Artist, to whet the appetite!

We wanted to maintain and in fact improve the design element, raise the quality of the images and strive for the most in-depth and informative articles. These are the tenets to which we strive for producing our magazine which we really want to become a great resource for all historical painters, of all levels.

The Illustrated Historical Artist

A small snippet of the freehand discussion with Marc Mussat

In Issue 2 we have a cover story by Ernesto Reyes, a freehand tutorial by Marc Mussat, an interview with Flat figure painter and manufacturer Bernedikt Widmann. Alexander Habas paints the Young Miniatures bust La Hire, Patrick Kamsma takes on Opie from Sons of Anarchy and Davide Chiarabella builds and paints a trumpeter. We aim to produce the magazine with as much depth and breadth as possible and this is perfectly manifested in the article written by the genius that is Hank Cheng! Indeed we also want to challenge other painters to historical subjects and so we have Macca Chung creating something truly original and Riccardo Agostini introducing NMM to his first historical bust. We have reviews, show reports and an expose with Adrian Hopwood and the new Folkestone Show, Euro Miniature Expo and more!

You do not want to miss this issue! We are aiming for a release date of September 5th and soon after we have additional surprises and plans for the magazine. We hope you will join us for the ride. Please share, we need you to help us make this worthwhile and to create the magazine, you want and need!

Hope to see you all soon!

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