The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 1 – download for FREE!

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The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 1

this is really just a short post to announce that our very own historical painting magazine (The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 1) is now out and available to download for FREE! for a limited period only.  It has been met with an overwhelmingly positive flood of comments, shares and support, which has totally blown us away, we are so grateful and very happy despite being exhausted!

In the first issue, we had world renown figure Artist contribute articles with incredible level of detail and explanation. This was not a happy coincidence, it is one of the tenets that we wish to build the magazine upon! It is a clear and purposeful decision to ensure that all our collaborating Artist share with us and you the reader, the What, Why and How behind the processes they use to produce stunning Art.

The Illustrated Historical Artist Issue 1

Issue 1 Contents

What is so exciting about this magazine is that it is instantly inspirational yet also aspirational, with time, practice and now the knowledge, any figure painter, serious about improving their skills now has at his or her disposal the perfect resource for doing so.

The second issue content is already lined up and we are working hard at making the second issue even better!! Sergey Popovichenko returns with an article of some personal importance to the Ed and is joined by Matt Wellhouser, Benedikt Widmann, Marc Mussat and so MUCH MORE! Of course we will be continuing our readers initiative with YOUR gallery, which reminds me if you want one of your historical pieces to make an appearance in the next issue, mail me a high res image, with title and your name to We are looking at project management to help us streamline our processes, we are investigating the use of interactivity within our magazine and we hope to bring you some extra surprises too along with a fir but highly competitive price!

What are you waiting for? Follow the link, download your FREE copy and please SHARE, ENJOY and come back for Issue 2 out September 5th!! Let’s go!

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Jay “Redrum” Martin

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