The Illustrated Historical Artist does a Black Weekend Promo!

The Illustrated Historical Artist – the PRELUDE

The Illustrated Historical Artist is now at Issue 3 and we also have a special souvenir issue of the World Expo held in Chicago. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we are so grateful for this. It gives us the motivation and desire to keep going, trying to produce a historical painting magazine that you guys deserve. We are finding more and more that more people are purchasing an issue to only come back moments later and download other issues too, a sure sign that folk like what they see.

The Illustrated Historical Artist – BLACK WEEKEND

As you will all know today is Black Friday and we here at The Illustrated Historical Artist thought that we could go one better, so anyone who doesn’t yet have all of the issues, can get each with a 30% DISCOUNT, from now until Monday!

So that means for the whole weekend you can get a significant discount on the magazine and benefit from articles written by some of the biggest names in the figure painting community including:

  • Sergey Popovichenko
  • Ernesto Reyes
  • Fabio Fiorenza
  • Cristina Lulu
  • Maria Iaia
  • Marc Mussat

and so many more besides.

All you have to do is enter the DISCOUNT CODE: BF30 at the checkout when you make your purchases!

We have also started a series on historical reference beginning with the Celts and our interview series so far has taken in Marion Ball, Benadikt Widmann and the historical illustrator Matthew Ryan! There is literally something for everyone whether it be bust painting or figure, WWII or barbarian, Medieval or Napoleonic. So for anyone with missing issues or those that have yet to purchase their first copy, why not take advantage of this opportunity and save yourself some money into the bargain too?

the illustrated historical artist

the illustrated historical artist endorsed by pegaso models

The Illustrated Historical Artist is at 30% OFF for this weekend, what are you waiting for, follow the link below to take you to our magazine’s own dedicated page and thank you once again for your support!


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