Idan – An In-Depth Review (Siren Miniatures)

Siren Miniatures – the PRELUDE

As many of you will no doubt know, Siren Miniatures and I go a way back, mutually supporting each other pretty much from the start. It is always a pleasure to develop such a relationship, today I want to show you another of their figures, Idan the Eagle Knight.

This small, intricate figure came in the customary blister pack, a render shown adorning the lid. The kit consists of three parts and comes with a round slotter base, nestled between layers of foam. As always first impressions are great, I am always amazed by the level of detail and how crisp the casting is!

Siren Miniatures

Idan the eagle Knight


The figure is cast almost in one piece, with just the arms that need attaching, carrying aloft a short bladed sword. The right elbow bent and raised, the left arm carried across the chest to grip the pommel two handed. The arms attach via square hole and peg assemblies and dry fitting shows no need for gap filling.

For all intents and purposes, Idan looks like a classically trained swordsman with stylised armour and tunic. The head shows hair swept back and the face is hidden by a full mask, the back of the neck and shoulders protected by a sweeping curve of armour. All of the joints are covered by armour of one description or another almost giving the figure the sense of robotic autonomy. The legs are heavily armoured too, decorative and functional plates being strapped to the legs and cinching the fabric beneath, creating realistic looking folds and creases.

With the left foot firmly planted and the right balanced upon the toe-line, it adds a sense of impending movement, as if he is set to launch forward in attack or to parry the enemy. There are a few soft moldlines that will need careful removal so as not to damage the detail but there are no major defects such as air bubble holes or casting slippages.


I have always counted the originality of Siren Miniatures figures as one of their key tenets along with intricate design and fine detailing, there is nothing about this figure to suggest that will change soon, thankfully! I truly list Siren Miniatures as one of a handful of companies who are really successful at creating original figures. The design is well considered and the pose dynamic and balanced. There are various reflerenes to the order the swordsman belongs to, the swept back feather hair to the mask, the beak, talons and feathers ever present throughout the design of the armour.

Siren Miniatures

A selection of the design elements


Siren Miniatures continue to grow and reach more and more people with their innovative designs for table top gamers. The figure stands about 31mm in height and can easily fit into a range of factions across any skirmish type game. As I have focused more and more on larger scales (eyesight and old age) the more I really wish they would do a series of larger scale figures! Highly recommended!


I think the price is very competitive when you consider they design and sit through all of the stages of sculpting and casting from start to finish, the packaging, the quality of the sculpt and cast. If you have not tried any of their figures yet, there is no time like the present!!

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                  approx €13

Material                            Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                    3

Release Date                   Currently Awaiting Restock

Where Can I Get It?        HERE

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