Fade – An In-Depth Review (Mirico)

Fade – the PRELUDE

Rico Chia the creator of Mirico showed me some time before the official release, some sneak peaks of Fade and I was instantly hooked. Fade arrived in what can only be considered a high end packaging, matte black sturdy box, a Mirico sticker to the lid, with a ribbon and bow sealing the box shut. On removing the lid we find our parts, four in total, nestled between thick, shaped layers of foam. We also have a Limited Run Certificate of Authenticity, with genuine wax seal along with two small Art cards plus two stickers (red and black), us painters sure do love a sticker! The first 30 copies also received a strictly limited piece of concept Art by Pablo Vicentin on high quality card. First impressions are very good with the work of Pedro Fernandez Ramos instantly recognisable.


Fade away


Fade is cast in four Polyurethane Resin parts in 1/10 scale, casting was done by the Insomnia Casting Lab. The bust is not of the traditional type, in that we also have an arm and an extended length of the torso, the cut at the waist is elegant and in fitting with the overall design. The main piece has a wonderful lithe design, sweeping curves and elegant silhouette. The anatomy is instantly recognisable as human yet subtle differences make it faerie like. Fade is a creature of the forest, a nymph, a member of those races who are secretive, illusive and magical.

The facial features are exquisite with delicate detailing, high cheek bones and smooth, soft jawline. The down turn to the ears is a subtle but clever twist that adds to he demure demeanour. The pout of the lips and slope to the nose show wonderful attention to detail. The hair further accentuates her lines with flowing locks tucked behind the ear and flowing down her left hand side. The drop of the left shoulder is another delightful decision by the sculptor to further display her character. The makeshift nature of her clothing adds to the imagery of a forest dwelling creature.


the kit in full

Her right arm bent at her furred elbow is raised to her eye-line, holding aloft a large butterfly. The arm attaches via a peg and hole assembly, the join will need a little cleaning up and preparation prior to assembly and dry fitting shows a little gap filling may be required, but the join should be hidden due to the fabric armband across the bicep. We then have the two antlers, similar to those of a Stag but stylised and to scale that they actually enhance the femininity of Fade.

The cast is very good and although there is some subtle clean up required, there is evidence that Mirico had already removed resin plugs and major mold lines which again shows a great attention to detail and a desire to provide the very best product to their customers.


Note the unusual cut to the bust that accentuates her anatomy


As I have already discussed above the nature of Fade is evident in its’ design, the composition is really well balanced, the drop of the shoulder in opposition to the raised arm holding the butterfly, works really well and offers a stunning silhouette. The detailing is crisp yet at the same time smooth, with subtle creases and folds to the fabric. The texture to the fabrics and hair is subtle and understated again in keeping with the soft nature of Fade. There is no redundancy to the design, everything is present to accentuate the sculpt, nothing is justified purely because the sculptor wanted it so, if it didn’t improve the design and flow of the sculpt it was removed. I believe that this is a particularly original piece and I really hope that Mirico pay the same attention to future themes.


the stunning boxart by Rico Chia


I believe this beautiful sculpt is highly desirable, it is a high end product with stunning presentation and will appeal to the figure painter and the collector, the limited run of 100 copies will surely add to its’ appeal. The works of Pedro Fernandez are always highly sought after and eagerly awaited, I will look forward to seeing the future releases.


At 58USD this is a price point I would need to seriously consider before making a purchase however, having seen the quality of sculpt, cast and presentation it is clearly a price fitting of the high end release.

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                       58USD

Material                                 Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                          4

Release Date                          Available Now

Where Can I Get It?               via email here: mirico.collectibles@gmail.com

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