Cyborg Samurai – An In-Depth Review (ZabaArt)

Cyborg Samurai – the PRELUDE

The Cyborg Samurai is another release in the Sci-Fi Series from ZabaArt, this is a limited edition of 100 pieces, cast in Polyurethane resin at 75mm scale. The kit arrived in the distinctive and stylish packaging we come to expect from ZabaArt, the smaller parts secure in a ziplock bag, all nestled in amongst straw shavings. This is a 10 part kit including a square textured base and first impressions are very good.


The kit is predominantly cast in one piece with carefully placed peg and hole assemblies to ensure a straightforward build with minimal use of Putty for gap filling. In fact the main piece gives very little away regarding the Samurai’s cybernetic nature, comprising long flowing, traditional robes, with deep folds and natural looking creases across the shoulder. The robe is folded over left to right and cinched closed by a broad, silk looking waist band. The arms are held behind the back in a ceremonial pose with hands hidden inside the adjacent sleeve. Beneath the robe, across the chest, we get a glimpse of an armoured chest plate.

Cyborg Samurai

The kit in full,- as you can see where I removed the shoulder armour from the sprue, I will need to clean up the facing edges

You will need to take care removing the parts from the length of sprue but the cast and detailing is of a high quality. We then have two, tri-layered sheets of armour that protect the upper legs, they are attached via a duel pin and hole assembly. They are predominantly free of detailing, more functional than display. The two katanas are attached via holes in the loop to the waist cloth, that sits on the left hip. They are paired but cut in half, the handles displaying intricate detailing, attaching at the top of the loop whilst the sheathed blades do so from underneath.

Finally, we have the helm which literally transforms the figure, traditional and modern day Japanese cultures collide. The helm is angular and sleek in design with curved down visor front. There are two small canisters, make your choice, to attach to the helm, a hint to some technologically advanced yet polluted lanspdscape. There are a series of ribbed cables, a larger central one along with several smaller ones, that loop from the rear of the helm and nicely disappear down the rear of the neckline. They look almost like the traditional Japanese ponytail, these little details help to maintain a almost human feel to the sculpt yet simultaneously looking cybernetic on a first inspection. The square base itself is reasonably generic,  textured and open which allows some freedom for modeller to create a suitable environment.

Cyborg Samurai

the reverse

The casting is of a high quality with just minor attention needed to prepare and assemble the figure, there are no major defects such as air bubble holes or casting slippages.


The design as I have hinted at above is cleverly considered and executed very well. The understated hybrid of modern and traditional influences is perfectly merged with subtle visual clues to further enhance the human nature of the Cyborg Samurai. The lines are sleek, the anatomy is hinted at within the robes, the posture boasts restrained and disciplined aggression with a sense of imminent movement. The composition is well balanced and the silhouette is elegant. I believe the figure is particularly original and the fusion of styles is particularly effective!


Lukas Zaba is a wonderful figure painter and now it seems he is determined to create figures that push the boundaries, that are of original design and offer the figure painter something different. The open spaces of this figure will encourage those brave enough to paint oriental designs upon the robe and to introduce science and tech styled designs to the armour and helm. The design, sculpt, cast and presentation all speak of a high end product and yet the cost is very competitive. We reviewed the first piece HERE and will shortly be reviewing the first in the History Series, Bavarian Knight , in the next issue of The Illustrated Historical Artist.


At  €35 this kit represents very good value for money especially for a new company run by a single person. The overall quality of this piece is very impressive and should represent a lot of Painting fun.

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                      €35

Material                                 Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                         10

Relese Date                          Available Now

Where Can I Get It?             HERE

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