Clopclopclop – A Review (Figone)

Clopclopclop – the PRELUDE

“Clopclopclop: A whirlwind, a fury, kuklos, formidable spiral in motion. Escaped from who knows where, he runs, evading his fate, tearing and breaking all on his path with his mace heavy blows, shreds of his falling-apart chains. A monster, abomination with a unique and globe-like eyes… When you meet his eye, this feeling of calm and peace surprises you for a fraction of a second, a true moment of suspension in the midst of the torture session, before the unleashed elements resumes, only to finish you off.
The few witnesses still alive had said so, but we had much trouble believing them:
As a hurricane washing over me…
The passage of the cyclone.
The passage of the cyclops”.


paint by Jeremy Bonamant

Clopclopclop is a 60mm kit comprising a few parts and boasting a simple assembly although the fit of parts is pretty good, you will need to fill some minor gaps with putty. As always the packaging is the “no frills” variety, i.e. placed in a plastic bag inside a bubble type envelope, thankfully none of the parts were damaged and I am assuming this lack of packaging helps to keep costs to the buyer down. Sculpted by the incredible Allan Carrasco, a favourite sculptor of mine, the piece reminds me of the old 60s and 70s monster movies (with a twist) and greats like Sinbad the sailor and Jason and the Argonauts.


texture overload by Carrasco


The sculpt of Clopclopclop is stunning but I have a soft spot for anything Carrasco, it is full of details and textures. I really like the twist to the traditional concept of a cyclops, this particular creation looks like a true “freak”, despite the look of having one eye due to the twist of the neck, he has two and there are more clues to his birth defects.

Check out the vestigial finger growing along the back of the hand, the four fingers and three toes. There are parts of the figure that remind me of the classic King Maulg, such as the musculature of the arms and such and I love the volumes on show here. It looks like it will be a joy to paint.

Clopclopclop’s club like weapon is nicely portrayed too, wood grain, spikes, wrapped handle etc all add to the level of detailing and there are the subtle clues as to his previous life, the various manacles, part length of chain and the delicately sculpted key.

The casting is crisp and captures all of the textures and details nicely, clean up was reasonably easy and there was just bit of putty needed for gap filling. There are no major defects such as air bubble holes or casting slippages.


I really like the design of Clopclopclop as I have touched upon above, the figure really does help to tell a possible narrative. For me this is a cursed creature with deformities, one that was hated, loathed and more than likely caged for his offensiveness.

To me it looks as if at some point it escaped its tormentors, carrying the key that once held him captive as a keepsake and reminder to its cruel past. The posture and the way it wields the club almost gives a feeling that rather than being aggressive it is merely protecting itself and the key.

The volumes are great, the silhouette is emotive and although in a standing position, the pose remains suitably dynamic to enable the painter to tell a plethora of narratives. The design in my opinion is well considered and balanced, I also think the various twists to the character design make it particularly original within the fantasy genre.


What is there not to like about a 60mm cyclops styled monster sculpted by Allan Carrasco for Figone? The sculpt, cast, subject matter et al are top notch, a real treat for a imaginative painter to get to grips with. highly recommended!


At €29 I think this figure is a steal, as I said the packaging, box art etc are not there, its a kit in a bag, always has been and probably always will be, but the styling and quality are well worth every penny!

Dates, Figures and Stuff

Cost                                €29

Material                          Polyurethane Resin

No of Pieces                  8

Release Date                 Available Now

Where Can I Get It?      HERE

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